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SubExtractor Download
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SubExtractor (DVD Subtitle Extractor) can extract subtitles from (non-encrypted, on hard drive) DVDs and convert to Advanced Substation Alpha format. The program can also convert SUP, SUB and IDX files into the same format.

You should choose the DVD you want to work with. This should be a folder on a local or network hard drive which contains a sub-folder named VIDEO_TS from a DVD, or just has the IFO and VOB files found in a VIDEO_TS folder directly within it.

Actual optical DVDs almost certainly won't work, since they are encrypted and unreadable by programs like this. You need to find and run a program (such as DVDFab HD Decrypter) that will backup your DVDs to your hard drive first.

Then you will choose the Programs and Audio Tracks that are going to be made into stand-alone files for OCR'ing and playing outside the DVD folder structure.

Check the Programs you want to work with in the top list (they are sorted by length), the DVD Angle of the Program (if there is more than 1), and the Audio Tracks you want to keep for each Program before hitting Next.

Multiple DVD Angles in a program usually exist to choose between English or foreign language Opening and Closing Credits or signs. To determine which Angle you want to keep you need to create and view a sample of each.

You can see and hear samples of the Programs by hitting one of the 2 Create Sample buttons. There's no problem is you want to keep more than 1 audio track in the output file, but there's no way to specify which audio track is to be played by default in mpeg video files so further processing will be needed with video editors or muxers like MkvToolnix if you want to specify a default audio language in your final video.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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