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  • Date: Jan 27, 2011
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Smart Diary is more than a simple Diary or a Personal Information Manager (PIM). You can plot your exercise program against your diary of health notes and see how they interact. Add information about changes in your diet and see how these changes have affected your health and activity levels. See how your mood is affected by your sleep. Track fatigue against dreams, diet or any part of your life that you choose. In addition to using informative graphs to show you how your choices affect your life, Smart Diary has all of the functions that you would expect to find in a professionally designed Personal Information Manager. Smart Diary's components work together to help you keep track of your life.

Smart Diary started out when I personally had a need for a diary, but none of the products available at the time (circa 1997) would suit my needs. I wanted something that would allow me to not only make entries, but to keep track of my mood (and other stuff), so that I could see the relations between different events in my life and how I felt. At the time, it was the first PC diary software that had a concept of keeping your mood with a smiling (or frowning) face (and of course you could put your own graphics or photos there!) and this concept picked up quickly! It has grown since then into the SDS that you see now and it's still going - we're not stopping here. But at the heart of it all is still the original idea - it has to be useful to you and me!

1. Keep everyday records and see your life.
Want to keep an everyday journal and describe memorable events of your life in your own words? Save and browse your personal records in the Diary protected by a password and encryption. Are you curious how your diet, sleep or life style influence your performance or relationship? Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.

2. Be organized and ready.
Would you like to be reminded of your important appointment or your kid's baseball on Thursday? Schedule puts a fully featured calendar at your fingertips to make sure you never miss anything important in your life!

3. Stay focused and determined.
Want to set short and long-term goals, like a New Year's resolution? Use Tasks to set items you want to accomplish and monitor their progress.

4. Never lose anything and find information quickly.
Saw something interesting, but now cannot remember where to find it? Notes will take care of that by providing a powerful way to organize any bits of information.

5. Eat healthy and tasty.
Do you want to eat healthy and tasty food? Nutrition will let you create and share recipes, at the same time helping you to understand and plan your dietary needs.

6. Stay healthy and relaxed.
Need to remember what medication to take and when? Medication will remind you - it can even send you an e-mail, if you are away from your computer.

7. Be in touch with others.
Did you forget that anniversary your friend had? Just enter the date once in the Contacts and you will be reminded of it when due.

8. Talk to us and others.
Join our online community to interact with other people, share life factors and ingredients, suggest features, provide feedback and help grow SDS further!

This Smart Diary free version, Smart Diary Suite Lite Edition is $19.95, Smart Diary Suite Home Edition is $39.95, Smart Diary Suite Medical Edition is $69.95.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this journal software.

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