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  • Date: Oct 20, 2011
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Short Messaging Planner Download
Free Download Short Messaging Planner 1.67

Organizer with integrated SMS / Email reminders. Short Messaging Planner can control the working time of your employees. You can create, edit, view and print sophisticated daily, weekly and monthly work schedules.

The program includes a unique reminder feature that can automatically send SMS and Email reminders about upcoming appointments. It is also a system for storing and maintaining personal data, and last but not least it is one of the best SMS Gateways on the market.

The program works with most of UMTS modems. The user interface is available in English, Polish and German. The system's documentation is available in English and Polish.

Short Messaging Planner Features:
1. You can create unlimited number of resources (people from your organization)
2. You can add unlimited number of persons to the database
3. You can use the system for professional SMS and / or E-mail marketing
4. Short Messaging planner has a "revoke meeting" feature. If a resource (a person from your organization) cannot attend meetings in a specific time range (e.g. the person is ill for 1 week), you can automatically send messages to all people who had a scheduled appointment revoking the meeting.
5. Short Messaging Planner has probably best API (TEXT, ODBC, SQL, XLS, MDB, HTTP-REQUEST, CSV). Therefore you can use it as a SMS Gateway for other applications.
6. It works in user mode and in Windows service mode

During the first start of SMP a window will appear on the screen asking the user to enter:
1. The number of the SIM card put into the modem. If you want to test the system with the SIM card taken from your mobile phone, just enter your mobile phone's number into the field "GSM number of the SIM card".
2. Voice phone number - a number that your clients can dial to talk to you i.e. contact phone number of your company for voice conversations. The number will be used in the notifications sent automatically from the system to your clients.
3. The country code in which the system will be used. This is a very important system parameter. Make sure to choose the correct telephone country code from the pulldown list. Otherwise you won't be able to send SMS messages or you will be sending SMS messages to random subscribers in some other country,
4. PIN code of the SIM card that you are going to put into the modem.

Please Note: if the SIM card is protected by a PIN code, the correct PIN code MUST be entered; otherwise the SIM card might be blocked. Unlocking a blocked SIM card is possible by entering a PUK code in a cell phone.

* An UMTS / GSM modem for sending SMS, Internet for sending emails
* Administrator rights

* A maximum of 500 messages can be sent / received
* After reaching the limit of 500 SMS messages, you will still be able to send / receive SMS messages, however the message text will be replaced with the following text: The limit of 500 sent / received SMS has been reached. Please buy
* You may add only up to 3 resources to the program.

Please Note: only a user with administrator rights can install the Short Messaging Planner.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $299.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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