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  • Version: 2.0.4 Build 3918
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  • Date: Nov 14, 2012
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Samsung Theme Designer Download
Free Download Samsung Theme Designer 2.0.4 Build 3918

Samsung Theme Designer is an authoring tool, allowing designers and developers to create Themed conetct for Samsung mobile phones. It consists of Working, Tree View, Preview and Resource Window in bada 2.x Phone Theme type.
1. Working Window
The Working Window shows the screen currently selected for editing. If you select an item in the Preview or Tree View Window, the Working Window will reflect your selection. You can see the working screen of the Idle, Mainmenu, or Submenu in bada 2.x Phone Theme. You can select an item for editing but not move its position. You can change the image by using the Ribbon menu, Context menu of right mouse button or the Property Window.

2. Tree View Window
Tree View Window shows the group of items needed for organizing a bada 2.x Phone Theme as a tree form. Each item on the tree consists of several lower elements and if you select one of the items in the Tree View Window, the Working, Property, and Resource Window will reflect this.

3. Preview Window
You can preview representative screens which are being worked with bada 2.x Phone Theme. If you select a preview screen, the Working Window will display it. You can preview Idle, Mainmenu, and Submenu screen in bada 2.x Phone Theme.

4. Property Window
The Property Window shows the select attributes of the current node of the Tree View Window. Each node on a tree consists of several attributes that you can change. If you change the attribute value of theme items in the Property Window, the Working and Resource Windows will update.

5. Resource Window
Resource Window shows the editable images for the working screen of the Working Window. You can add, delete or change an image in this window.

Create New Theme Project
When you start the Samsung Theme Designer, you can select basic commands from the intro dialog such as "Open a Recent File", "Create New Theme". You can use "Create New Theme" from the quick launch toolbar or the application menu.

If you want to hide the intro dialog next time, start the Samsung Theme Designer and check the "Don't' show again" checkbox on the bottom right hand side of the intro dialog.

After choosing "Create New Theme" from the intro dialog, you will see a dialog box as below. Select a device model name first from the list then select a showcase for your theme. Then you can customize the selected showcase theme for your own project.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this phone software.

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