Samsung Easy Color Manager

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  • Date: Oct 20, 2014
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Samsung Easy Color Manager Download
Free Download Samsung Easy Color Manager 4.00.06

Samsung Easy Color Manager helps users to easily adjust printing colors for Samsung Color Laser Printers. Users can adjust printing colors while previewing on the screen a part of a document or an image to be printed, save the adjusted color settings in a color profile as an option for a printer driver or replace the default color profile of a printing device and apply it to the printed documents.

Main Functionalities:
1. You can capture a part of the document to be printed in the preview window and adjust color of the captured image on the screen for printing.
2. You can prove the appearance of adjusted colors by printing preview images and fine-tune color balance after checking the printed preview images rather than previewing them on the screen.
3. You can add adjusted color profile as an option to your printer driver, transmit it to the printing device or save it as a file on your hard drive for future use.
4. You can reload (open) and apply color profiles stored on your hard drive or added to your printer driver as an option.
5. You can also apply special effects to your documents before printing. For example, appointed color effect changes the original image to grayscale except the appointed color. This effect results to emphasize an appointed-colored area.

The Samsung Easy Color Manager provides the preview window to grab image. You can move and resize the preview window anywhere on your screen. This allows you to select intuitively the image you exactly want to print.

The Samsung Easy Color Manager allows user to define a new color profile. For individual user, this feature can satisfies the users who want to print their image with their preferring color tone. For company, this feature can make company's specific color tone based on the company identity (CI).

The Samsung Easy Color Manager provides an intuitive adjustment window. When you put the preview window on a section to print, the image appears in the middle of this adjustment window.

The Samsung Easy Color Manager provides many powerful effects. When you use these effects, you can print your image with a dramatic adjustment without expert-level editing for the image.
1. Two Color
2. Appointed Color
3. Under Color Removal
4. Color Replace
5. Color Erase
6. Color Shift
7. Color Effect
8. Fine Density

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this printer software.

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