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  • Date: May 27, 2008
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    Information Management
Radix Download
Free Download Radix 3.51

Radix will help you to manage customer information and resolve issues more efficiently by providing a centralized interface for
1. Contact Management
2. Help Desk
3. Time Tracking
4. Invoicing
5. Email
6. Appointment Scheduling

Sharing information and managing the details of work related activities are fundamental to the success of any company. Most companies use separate programs to accomplish these tasks, preventing their important information from being linked together.

Radix is a powerful and affordable solution for businesses that need an integrated approach for interacting with their customers.

Radix advantages:
1. Power : No other application combines all of the functionality and integration of features in one package like Radix does.
2. Scalability : Radix is great for a small business and can grow with you as your company grows. Radix uses the MySQL Database Engine, which is the world's most popular open source database and has more than five million active installations.
3. Versatility : Radix's Client/Server architecture gives you the flexibility of accessing your database from a Local Area Network, company intranet, or via any internet connection. You can also host your database on Windows or Linux computers.
4. Free Evaluation : Download Radix now and see its power for yourself. There are no feature restrictions of any kind for the 45 day multi-user evaluation period. After that, you can still use Radix for free as a single user, or you can purchase additional user licenses from our website via a secure server.
5. Free Support : Hurstridge Technologies provides technical support and installation assistance for Radix via email at absolutely no charge.

Radix Features:
1. Contact Management
Keeping in touch with contacts, sharing information and managing the details of work related activities is fundamental to the success any company. Radix gives you the tools to better manage the daily flood of e-mail, phone calls, appointments, and documents, allowing you communicate more efficiently with your customers.

2. Help Desk
Customer Service satisfaction is measured by two things, speed and quality of response. Radix gives you the tools you need to run an effective and efficient Help Desk/Incident Management center and offers an integrated framework which will allow your organization to meet the needs of your customers. Radix's straightforward and attractive user interface provides fast and easy access to the information needed for a quick, measured response to any incident. While Radix provides the basic functionality of incident logging, management, historical review, notification, etc., it offers so much more. One of the many things that seperates Radix from other Incident Management applications is it's integration with Knowledge Base, Time Entry, Invoicing, and Contact Management modules of Radix.

3. Time Entry
Radix makes it easy to track time spent efficiently and accurately, whether it be for internal or external clients, billable or non billable. The Time Entry module of Radix is tightly integrated with the Contact, Help Desk, Projects, and Invoicing modules to give you features that other time sheet applications simply can not match.

4. Appointments
The appointment scheduling features of Radix deserve special mention because of it's ability to make the most complex processes of scheduling a breeze. This highly sophisticated module is capable of creating and presenting schedules for employees, locations, resources, and other entities in a very simple and effective display.

5. Invoicing
Radix is more powerful than ever with new invoicing features and options. The Invoicing module is fully integrated with the Contact, Company, Departments, Time Entry, and Product modules of Radix. Radix makes creating and maintaining invoices an easy task allowing you to concentrate on other things instead of spending hours on your invoices. You can customize almost all areas of the invoice layout. Your customers will be impressed with clean, easy to read and understand invoices.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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