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  • Date: Jun 13, 2011
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Q-flow Download
Free Download Q-flow 3.1 SP1

Q-flow is a full .NET Business Process Management Suite for Workflow automation in Business scenarios. This is a non-commercial license that will allow the installation of the complete product with no expiration and up to 10 users. Process automation needing more than 10 users will require the commercial license. We deliver this award winning product to the community to be used free of charge in small installations or for academic purposes.

Q-flow is a BPM tool: it has high capability of integration with other systems, but goes far beyond that. Q-flow model and can automatically execute business processes an organization performs to achieve its strategic objectives. Not only aims to solve technological problems, such as EAI tools, but seeks to improve daily processes of organizations, which include, besides the participation of computer systems, the participation of people.

Q-flow provides a comprehensive suite of tools to exploit the large number of product features, including a portal for daily interaction with the process, a tool for the design of these, a model of organization to model the organizational structure, etc.

Q-flow records in detail the actions and time for tasks, processes, etc. This information is then gathered by the statistics module to graphically present key indicators on the functioning of processes, bottlenecks, load distribution of users, etc. For the shares is recorded what was done, by whom, when, and what item. All this information is available to authorized users and can be trace what actions were performed on an item, what actions a user performed, etc.

Q-flow allows non-technical user to graphically define the business process to automate, expressed in the form of assignments, reports, assessments of conditions that can change the course of the process, etc.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this business management software.

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