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Free Download Purchasing Manager 7.7.8

Purchasing Manager will help you control and analyze expenses by equipment, by department, or however you prefer, one click / type in a name and you have a new category. Maintain purchasing consistency to help simplify routines for people using the items. View purchasing histories, show your vendors you are a valuable customer. Will create an order with a few clicks, based on inventory and reorder levels.

Point and Click Orders, Save Templates, Email RFQ's, Multi-user, Feature Packed. Designed to be fast and simple to use, eliminates repetitious entry of purchased items, create purchase orders, track inventories, track expenses, create custom categories for vendors and items.

Great for buyers of heaters and other electrical supplies. Has many fields for heater and electrical specifications. Injection Molders, Maintenance, Setup, this program was built by an injection molder and will run on the simplest of computers. Use this program to enhance programs already in use or use it to manage all your purchasing needs.
Create new categories, add new vendors, add new purchased items from menus and buttons throughout the program. Enter as much or as little information as needed, the only required fields are the vendor name and item description. Give items user-friendly names, (call it what you really call it) but when you print it for the vendor it has the information they need to get the product you want. Print complete inventory listings for auditing, verifying on-hand quantities, use the inventory listings for onsite tracking and reorder requisitions.

Post one at the tool crib, the maintenance office, supervisors desk, get everybody to help you maintain supplies needed, instead of just complaining because something is out of stock.

Purchasing Manager Features:
1. Easy to use, with the tools you need
2. Builds Databases as you work, Eliminates repetitious entries
3. Quickly Complete Purchase Orders With A Few Clicks
4. Track Expenses & Histories and Who is ordering & where it is going
5. Track Inventory Costs and Locations and set automatic reorder levels
6. Create Custom Categories, Custom Name Many Database And Order Fields
7. Enter New Items and Vendors Directly Into Order Form
8. Save Templates, Quickly Duplicate Recurring Orders
9. Low One Time Cost and Feature Packed, Works Over Networks

How to use Purchasing Manager:
1. Add New Items and Vendors Into Order
Enter new Vendors and Items Directly into the Purchase Order
2. Change field names for Purchased Items
In the Inventory window, select an item and then Right-Click on the field names in blue to change the name

3. Inventory Values
On the Inventory page, select menu item Inventory Values, to veiw total costs on inventory on hand

4. Create Order Templates
Select the 'Save As Template' check box, on the order form and the order will be added to the template list

5. Track Shipping Costs
Create a category called Shipping, Enter items called Shipping Charge, COD, UPS Charges, Returns etc When needed, select this as an item and enter the charges

6. Order Notes
An alternative to the notes at the bottom of the screen or to enter Item notes below an item, Insert a blank row and enter the notes in the Description column, if you leave the Quantity set to 0, the notes will not show up in receiving lists

7. Credit An Item
Open the order, add another row with the same item, enter a quantity of 1, make sure the price and the Charge Account are correct, receive the item with a negative quantity ( -5 to credit 5 items), when the order is closed, the item will no longer show up in the receiving list ( Note: If the order is closed, you will need to change the status to Open to receive )

8. Update Item Inventory
Under the Purchased Items tab(In the start window), Click on the On Hand Box and enter correct total. Or click on the Inventory button, select the item and click Update Inventory"

9. Print Directly To Fax
Choose your fax from the printer selection box, the program will continue to print to chosen printer until the program is restarted or a different printer is chosen

10. E-Mail Vendor
Enter an email address for the vendor and choose the Vendors tab, select the vendor and click on the email address

11. Auto Ordering
Enter a Re-Order value for an item and when the vendor associated with that item is selected for an order, the item will be entered into the order

12. Special Instructions
Special Instructions, may be added to the Purchase Orders, PO # must be on all packages, We must be informed of any & all backorders, etc

13. Selecting Vendor
In the Order window, click the Select Vendor button or start typing the vendors name into the vendor box

14. Vendor Load Options
The Vendor selection window has several options, selecting Load Items Needed will load any vendor items below the Re-Order quantity

15. Drop Ship
Use the Drop Ship button on the Order Form, to print alternate shipping information on the Order

16. Quick Order
Click the Purchased Items tab, select the item and click Buy This, the Order Form

17. Order Auto Numbering
Leave the Order Number field empty and a number will be automatically entered, set the starting number under Options/Set Starting Order Number

18. In House Description
Items may given a user friendly alias name, in the Order window hovering the mouse over the vendor description will reveal the alias

19. Charge To Account
Help track expenses by account, view account name in the order window, by hovering over the account number

20. Printing Orders
Landscape and Portrait, Print sightly different information, If you have fax capabilities, choose you fax in the printer dialog and directly fax the order

21. Charge To Account
Rename the existing accounts to better suit your needs

22. Choose Received Date
Use the Receive button and check the box 'I want to choose Received Date'

23. Vendor Categories
Use the navigation tab in the main window, lower center, click the vendor categories button.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $89.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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