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  • Date: Apr 27, 2013
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Prompt! Teleprompter Download
Free Download Prompt! Teleprompter 7.5.02

Prompt! Teleprompter is a simple teleprompter application for public speakers used by CEO's of banks, heads of religious organizations, radio deejays and alike either on camera or in front of a live audience. Prompt! Teleprompter gives you the additional support which provides that little bit of confidence one needs in a public speaking environment.

When on-camera talent performs, they read what they speak from a teleprompter. Traditionally, this task is performed by a dedicated computer with an application to edit and scroll the text at a user driven speed using a piece of hardware called a "scroller". The Video output of the scrolling text is reflected from a half silvered (pellix) mirror and the camera shoots through the other side of the mirror so that the talent is looking into the camera but reading the reflection of the text. This requires lots of hardware and software to achieve the same results as Prompt! and a laptop or computer and display.

By placing the laptop computer between the talent and the camera, the talent can read text from the top of the laptop screen and still appear to be looking at the camera if the camera is far enough back using a long lens. Trial and error is the key to getting a natural look to this process but the further the camera is from the subject, the better. If the talent will be controlling their own scrolling then mouse control is the best and if you have long mouse cord, that's even better. There is a built-in function to allow someone else to control the speed by using the keyboard or mouse. Use both if you like. For those traditionalists, Prompt! Teleprompter will also flip the text for use on a half mirror.

1. Text can be imported and exported
2. Simple text editing is available
3. Native files can be saved
4. User customizable controls
5. Macintosh or Windows playback
6. Control over font size
7. Mirrors text display on screen
8. Mouse or keyboard control
9. Lite version available
10. Multiple resolutions
11. Works with most remotes (not included)
12. Cheap!
13. Prompt! saves its own file so you can import text for the talent to read and then adjust the settings and then give the application and the file to your on-camera person to practice at their leisure in their own environment.

Simple is the key to Prompt! Teleprompter as it has very little word processing functions (only cut, copy, paste and whatever you decide to type from within the program) and the ability to scroll the type, either mirrored or not. Text can be imported and exported to and from the application in the standard .txt format and a native Prompt! .pmt format can also be saved.Try out the lite version before you buy. (The lite version only works with text files of under 2500 characters).

The license of this software is Demo,

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