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  • Date: Aug 20, 2011
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    Desktop Reminder
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PostponeIt allows you to forget about things you don't need right now. Just add a reminder and forget about it until it's time for this event. It can be a distant event (friend's birthday) or a very close one (turn owen off in 15 minutes).

When creating a reminder you may simply say its description into microphone or provide text description.

It's possible to access most of PostponeIt functions through keyboard without touching mouse. Alternatively, if mouse is more convenient for you, it's possible to use PostponeIt with only mouse. And of course, you can combine these methods as convenient.

Configure hot keys
To make keyboard interface more convenient PostponeIt allows to create hot keys for some of its functions.
To configure hot keys right click tray icon and select "Configure hot keys".

It's possible to set hot key for adding reminder and for accessing list of existing reminders.

By default "Add reminder" has hot key "Ctrl-Alt-N", "View reminders" has no hot key.

To enable a shortcut set corresponding checkbox, switch to window with hot key definition and pres hot key combination.
To disable a shortcut clear corresponding checkbox.
Button "Save" applies changes and closes the window, button "Cancel" discards changes and closes the window.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this desktop reminder software.

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