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  • Date: Apr 08, 2010
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    Word Processing
PolyEdit Download
Free Download PolyEdit 5.4

PolyEdit is a powerful, multipurpose, yet easy-to-use word processor and text editor for Windows that is designed to satisfy the most demanding word processing requirements. It offers an enormous variety of features, tools and add-ons that the feature list shows only a part of what this award-winning word processor can do for you.

You can also use PolyEdit as an HTML editor, source code editor, personal information manager... and even as a secure password keeper! It really is a swiss-army-knife for text. No longer do you need to jump between programs (with the problem of trying to remember how to use each one). You can do it all in PolyEdit!

Key Word Processing Features
1. Amazingly small, reliable, and fast word processor that requires very little resources to run
2. Editing environment includes all the standard word processing features, plus support for embedded images and objects
3. Unique tabbed document interface (PolyDocking 2.0) for better productivity
4. Support for numerous document formats and encodings: RTF, MS Word 95-2007, Corel WordPerfect, Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16 with BOM, UTF-16LE, and UTF-16BE), MS-DOS, Unix, etc.
5. Extensible with various add-ons
6. Intuitive and highly customizable user interface
7. Advanced search and replace functions with support for regular expressions
8. Useful tools for information management: Catalog, Snippets, etc.
9. Enhanced security features (military-grade 448-bit encryption)

PolyEdit Word Processor Features
General Features
* Amazingly fast and compact word processor
* Unique tabbed multiple-document interface (PolyDocking 2.0)
* Extendable with plug-ins
* Enhanced cryptography features (Blowfish 448-bit and SHA-1 algorithms)
* Full OLE object support (pictures, media clips, graphs, equations, etc.)
* Advanced text formatting tools
* Unlimited file size
* Support for tables and columns
* Insert pictures in various formats (gif, jpeg, png, etc.)
* Unicode support (UTF-8, UTF-16 little/big endian)
* Microsoft Word compatible
* Export to HTML
* Ultra-compact native ETF file format
* Opens numerous document formats (RTF, MS Word 95-2007, MS Excel 97-2003, Corel WordPerfect, Unicode, etc.)
* Support for various character sets (ANSI, OEM, etc.)
* Newline support: Windows (CR+LF), Unix (LF), Mac (CR)
* Support for document templates
* Multilingual spell checker (English, Spanish, French, German, etc.)
* Backup (several options available)
* Auto-recovery of modified files after system/application crash
* Configurable syntax highlighting (Pascal, HTML, C++, etc.)
* Very fast startup
* Easy installation/uninstallation
* Text Editing
* Cut, copy and paste
* Paste special
* Paste unformatted
* Multi-level undo and redo
* Purge undo buffer
* Complex script support (Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, etc.)
* Various text converters (ANSI/OEM, ROT-13, encrypt/decrypt, etc.)
* Insert date and time
* Insert file into an existing document at cursor position
* Drag-and-drop editing for copying and moving text between documents and applications
* Insert/overwrite mode with status bar indication
* Built-in character map with support for Unicode symbols and HTML equivalents
* Sorting of text
* Block (column) editing
* Smart quotes
* Search and Replace Features
* Sophisticated search and replace (plenty of options available)
* Support for Perl-style regular expressions
* Find in all open files
* Go to line or page
* Font Formatting
* All of the character formatting capabilities you expect from a word processor: font name and size, bold, italic, underline (several types), strikeout, subscript, superscript, and text color
* Advanced character effects: background color, font weight, space between letters, offset, protected (read-only), hidden, shadow, all caps, and small caps
* Choose your default font
* Paragraph Formatting
* Left, centered, right, and justified paragraph alignment
* First-line, left and right indents
* Numbered and bulleted lists
* Line spacing (single, one-and-a-half, double, etc.)
* Spacing before and after paragraphs
* Tab stops
* Printing
* Advanced print preview
* Customizable headers and footers
* User definable page margins and orientation (portrait or landscape)
* Support for page breaks
* Odd or even pages only option (useful for double-sided printing)
* Reverse page order option
* Print several (4, 9, 16, 25, 36, or 49) pages on one sheet of paper
* Document Viewing
* Adjustable document zoom
* Hand tool
* Displaying nonprinting symbols and page borders
* Viewing with line numbers on left side of window
* Full-screen mode hides all menus and toolbars
* Changing word wrap mode (no wrap, wrap to window, or wrap to page)
* Color selection for document background
* User Interface
* Familiar and easy-to-use word processing UI
* Support for drag-and-drop and drag-and-dock operations
* Several configurable toolbars
* Status bar with line/column/page number display
* Tabs to provide easy access to open documents and tools
* Horizontal ruler (like in MS Word)
* Font appearance preview
* Mouse wheel scrolling
* Minimization to the system tray
* Multilingual user interface
* Support for native themes (Office XP/2003, Ruthenium, etc.)
* Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) compatible
* ClearType and Windows XP/Vista visual styles are supported
* Multiple Document Interface (PolyDocking)
* Free and intuitive docking of documents and tools for better productivity
* Tabbed interface
* Cascade windows
* Tile windows horizontally/vertically
* Previous/next window
* Enable or disable docking for certain windows
* Advanced Tools
* Integration with WordWeb (English thesaurus and dictionary)
* Support for IntelliComplete Server (smart autocompletion)
* Catalog and Snippets tools
* Encryption of binary files with compression
* Integrated web browser to show active HTML file
* Execute current file according to Windows file associations
* Advanced word count tool
* Built-in e-mail client with an address book
* Clipboard manager and clipboard capture
* Edit in Microsoft Word
* Additional Features
* Support for hyperlinks
* Instant access to documents designated as bookmarks and recently opened documents
* Choose your default document folder
* Option to reload last open documents at startup
* Option to convert URLs into hyperlinks automatically
* Drag-and-drop support from the file manager
* Delete active file
* Reload active file
* Associate file extensions with PolyEdit
* And much more...

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $27.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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