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  • Date: Dec 08, 2012
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Photo Transport is capable of performing the followings:
1. Transferring an image file stored in your PC to a digital camera.
2. Cutting out an image displayed on the PC screen, and transferring it to the digital camera as JPG data.

Supported file formats:
* Image file transfer: JPEG file / Windows BMP file

In addition, images displayed on the PC screen can be "clipped" by selecting an area on the screen and transferred it to the camera as a JPEG image. The image size can be converted to an optimum size when transferring to the camera.

Notes on use:
This program does not copy files to the digital camera, instead it "transports" images from the PC to the camera. For this reason, the following differences might occur between the files existing on the PC and the files that are transferred to the camera.
1. File name changes.
2. If the file contains the photographed date, the date of the file changes to the photographed date.
3. If the automatic resizing has been set, the image size may change.
4. In the following cases, the photograph information in Exif may be lost.
* When the format version is Exif2.1 or lower.
* When the image is not taken with a camera manufactured by Casio.
* When the image is transferred with automatic resizing specified.
In addition, the camera model name will be lost in these cases.

5. If too many images are transferred by drag and drop at one time, the images may not be successfully transferred.
6. JPEG file size may be larger after the transfer because the information needed to be played on the camera has been added.
7. A CS (continuous shutter) group taken with a camera manufactured by Casio can be transferred as a CS group.

For this reason, keeping the file stored in the PC without deleting is recommended even after the files are transferred to the camera.

Hits and Techniques
1. Names of image files transferred to the camera
When images are transferred to the camera, the names of the transferred files are changed at the camera in accordance with DCF standards.

2. Dates of image files transferred to the camera
The updated date and time of all transferred image files will be replaced by the date the photograph was taken in the Exif information.

3. Transferring GIF and TIFF images
Only JPEG and BMP files can be transferred to the camera using this function. To transfer other types of image files, images must be converted to JPEG or BMP using the appropriate application software

4. Smallest possible image size
If the images to be transferred to the camera are only intended to be displayed on the LCD panel of the camera, smaller image sizes are recommended as it requires less capacity to store and this allows more images to be stored.

5. Transferring text or maps to the camera
This function cannot directly transfer text or map data directly to the camera. However, anything displayed on the PC screen can be clipped and transferred using the capture function. Using this function, text or maps to be viewed on the camera can be transferred as an image to the camera by displaying and clipping them on the PC screen.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this digital photo software.

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