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Patent Search and Report Generator Download
Free Download Patent Search and Report Generator 1.5.3893.34057

Patent Search and Report Generator is a computer program for retrieval and analysis of patent documents (patents and applications) using the Open Patent Services webservice. It is usefull both for fast orientation in the documents and for deep analysis. The reports generated by this programs are highly configurable and professionally looking.

Patent Search and Report Generator allows you to quickly formulate patent research question, download the documents and analyse them, creating professionally looking reports. The program is distributed as shareware and users are encouraged to try it in order to increase their patent research skills.

To solve a patent research problem
1. Formulate research question
2. Translate to the CQL (Common Query Language) query for patent research connectors
3. Download documents
4. Download the referenced documents
5. Remove unimportant documents from the list
6. Define groups of documents, based on the publication territory, keyword search or document status
7. Analyze these groups, creating analytical tables; comment these tables
8. Fill in the report metadata (client name, report name and date etc.)
9. Fill in the conclusions and summary in report
10. Generate report
11. Open the report in Microsoft Office Word (or Open Office) for further editing
12. Print it

Patent Search and Report Generator Features:
1. Retrieves the bibliography, abstract and claims of patent applications and patents from Open Patent Services
2. Constructs the Common Query Language (CQL) expression
3. Retrieves the cited documents
4. Decodes the country codes and the status codes (A1, B1 etc) for each country
5. Contains the International Patent Classification (IPC) browser
6. Generates professionaly looking reports, which can be opened in web browser or Microsoft Word 2003
7. Guides user through the patent analysis workflow (see introduction page)
8. Creates subgroups based on various parameters (from country code to keywords in title)
9. Save and load workspace to/from file allows to return at any time to your work
10. Shareware, free to try - for pricing see appropriate page
11. Tested to work in Windows XP and Windows 7

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $299.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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