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The intense rhythm of each working day brings us tons of information - tasks, to-dos, notes, meetings, discussions, etc. It is very easy to overlook something important if the information is not properly systemized and ordered.
Organasis MyTasker, which we are reviewing, is a perfect choice for organizing a large of business tasks which require further analysis and execution in the order of their importance.
MyTasker divides all the tasks into outstanding and overdue ones by providing a clear picture of the current day regardless of the number of added tasks.
Tasks in the list can be sorted by any criterion. Besides, MyTasker automatically determines the priority of each task and arranges the tasks in the order of their execution without violating the sorting order defined by the user. For example, started tasks have the highest priority. The application takes into account the deadline of this task - the closer it is, the higher is the priority of the task. MyTasker assigns certain colors to tasks according to their status. This comes in very handy when working with a large number of tasks and to-do items.
The simplicity of use is also worth mentioning. Almost all operations with tasks are executed directly in the task list. There is also a special mode for quick task creation.
Double-clicking an element in the list opens a dialog with task details. Here you can configure the start/finish date and precisely define the notification time. An excellent built-in text editor is also worth a separate praise for having the same functions as Microsoft WordPad. You can change fonts and styles, set text and background colors, work with tables - these features comprise just a small part of its capabilities.
In general, MyTasker leaves more than a favorable impression. The application will be of interest, first of all, to those people, who need a simple and reliable tool specifically designed for processing large numbers of tasks and other business information.

* Create tasks almost instantly
Just enter the title of the new task and it's created! You can also edit other task parameters: due date, priority, reminder time, task category.
* Keep your workload under control
Use the calendar to check your workload for specific days.
* Always be informed about upcoming tasks
Don't ever miss important tasks among ordinary ones. Organasis MyTasker automatically builds the To Do list according to due date, importance, category and other parameters of particular tasks.
* Get notifications just in time
Organasis MyTasker always reminds you of approaching due dates. The notification window allows you to stop or postpone the reminder, as well as to open the task details to resolve the task or edit it.
* Store information in its original form
Need to save tasks with additional information in the Microsoft Office format It has never been easier! Just open the task details window and paste the content of a Microsoft Office document. Document formatting will be fully preserved. The built-in editor enables you to perform any operations with the document: apply styles, change font, text and background colors, create tables, insert symbols, print the document and much, much more. If need be, you can open the documents in corresponding Microsoft Office programs (Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel , Microsoft PowerPoint ) with original formatting fully preserved.
* Use MyTasker as you like
Do you want to label or mark tasks related to various projects Or do you want to add another grouping attribute to tasks besides priority Use tasks categories. Customize them for your needs.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $27.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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