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Decision making made easy. The Open Decision Makes enables you to find the best alternative for a defined goal with the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method.

The Open Decision Maker (ODM) is designed to support a user in a decision making process. For this process ODM uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. This method is similar to the value benefit method, but it also compares the rating quality for all comparisons and shows the consistency of the decisions which have been made.

Open Decision Maker Features:
1. Save/Load to file
2. Save/Load odm projects from a MySQL database
3. Sensitivity Analysis (Simulation)
4. Report creation to .pdf

ODM will guide the user from start to finish through the decision making process step by step with a user friendly graphical interface.

The Open Decision Maker comes with an example file where you can see how the ranking is working. In adition to that you can see how the printing looks in the example pdf file

ODM is designed to evaluate a decision step by step. The user has to go through 5 steps to get the results of a decision, first a goal has to be defined, than alternatives and criteria. After that the criteria and alternatives have to be rated pair wise. Finally the result will be presented as a summery in the program or can be seen with all details in a pdf-file which can be created.

Generally there are two possibilities to navigate through ODM.
1. The user can navigate forward and backwards through all Steps with the buttons on the lower right corner. On the left side to the next button you often find a question mark for information of this tab. If the buttons are not selectable the question mark explains why it is not possible to go to the next step.
2. The user can click on all Tabs/Step to get to the selected Tab/Step

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this business management software.

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