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  • Date: Jul 22, 2010
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    Spyware Removal
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Omega CE Download
Free Download Omega CE 1.0

The Ultimate Antimalware Solution. End-user functionality includes reading, writing, searching, and interpreting the contents of an NTFS formatted disk from outside the host OS. View the contents on disk using our new point-and-click Graphical User Interface.

Omega CE is an extremely powerful Antimalware software for the Windows OS user. Omega boots the system via CD-ROM and provides accessibility to an NTFS Hard drive from outside the Microsoft Windows OS. You'll gain the power to destroy malicious objects at will.

How Omega Works
Omega CE first boots the computer system using the Omega Boot Disk via the CD-ROM. The Omega loader loads the Omega drivers and starts the Omega kernel. The Omega kernel provides access to your hard drive and various system components.

1. Gain complete control over the contents on disk
2. Safely locate and disable any malignant data object
3. Never be denied the right to access any file on disk

Omega comes equipped with the power to locate and disable malicious software, from outside the Windows OS! This means that, even if the Windows OS becomes inoperable or even inaccessible due to malware, Omega CE can still be used to boot the system to a malware-free zone and render malicious software dead in its tracks! Requires an NTFS formatted IDE Hard Drive and a PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard.

1. GAIN CRUCIAL DISK ACCESS: It doesn't matter to Omega CE if the Windows OS is completely inaccessible or totally inoperable due to malware, because Omega was built to operate independently of the Windows OS and does not rely upon the Windows OS for any of its functionalities.

2. BOOT MALWARE-FREE: When Omega CE is used to boot the system, the system is no longer affected by the malicious software that would otherwise be active in Windows. This means that when you boot the system using Omega, the malware on disk is just sitting there waiting to be eliminated.

3. EASILY DESTROY MALWARE: Our brand new Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides not only a rich and vibrant interface, but also it provides an extremely simplified way to interact with the contents on disk. This means that neutralization of malicious software using Omega CE is no longer reserved for experts but has now been made easy enough for any Microsoft Windows NT user.

When to Use Omega
Use the Omega Boot Disk whenever you detect the presents of malicious software. You are advised to use a companion software, such as Assassin SE, as a first-response to system infection. Assassin SE will help you gather all the necessary details, such as where the malicious process resides, and what its name is on disk. You will need this information to help you locate the malicious software.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this spyware removal software.

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