NVIDIA Maximus Configuration Utility

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NVIDIA Maximus Configuration Utility Download
Free Download NVIDIA Maximus Configuration Utility

NVIDIA Maximus Configuration Utility can optimize your Maximus workstation for best interactive experience while maximizing compute performance of your GPUs using the Maximus Configuration Utility (MCU).

In multi-graphics processing unit (GPU) Maximus configurations that include a mix of NVIDIA Quadro and NVIDIA Tesla workstation boards, the user may want the freedom to choose how the NVIDIA Quadro is utilized by the applications. The MCU also lets you to turn Error Correcting Code (ECC) ON or OFF for each GPU as well as monitor GPU utilization.

Usage Mode refers to how a given board is being used.
A user can chose to assign Quadro ONLY to graphics tasks. This ensures that 100% of the Quadro GPU is allocated to graphics and no compute tasks will be performed on it.
A user can also choose to assign Quadro to both graphics as well as compute tasks. The benefit of this selection is that multi-GPU aware compute applications (such as ray tracing, image processing, CAE analysis) will perform faster. However, if you are running a graphics application on the Quadro simultaneously with the compute application, your graphics performance may be impacted.
The Tesla C2075 GPUs are dedicated to compute tasks only (TCC mode) and their usage mode cannot be changed through the Maximus Configuration Utility. In this mode, 100% of the GPU resources are allocated to compute tasks and graphics acceleration is deactivated.

The GPU's error correction code (ECC) state corrects single-bit and detects double-bit errors. ECC state should be:
* ON for high-precision, GPU-accelerated computational applications such as CAE analysis
* OFF for applications such as GPU-accelerated ray tracing, image processing, video editing
Turning ECC ON will consume more than 10% of your GPU's memory size and bandwidth.
Also, changing ECC states require a system reboot.

The MCU includes GPU utilization monitors for every GPU in your workstation.

The MCU will be enabled only on a workstation that features Maximus. The requirements are as follows:
1. Mix of Fermi class Quadro and Tesla C2075 GPUs in the workstation
2. Microsoft Windows 7: 64-bit operating system
3. NVIDIA graphics driver 275.89 (or newer ISV certified driver)
The workstation should have the Microsoft .NET framework pre-installed.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system utility software.

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