.NET Framework Setup Verification Utility

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.NET Framework Setup Verification Utility Download
Free Download .NET Framework Setup Verification Utility 17-05-2018

.NET Framework Setup Verification Utility is designed to automatically perform a set of steps to verify the installation state of one or more versions of the .NET Framework on a computer. It will verify the presence of files, directories, registry keys and values for the .NET Framework. It will also verify that simple applications that use the .NET Framework can be run correctly. A sanity check of the install state of the .NET Framework on a system.

By default, the .NET Framework setup verification tool will only list versions of the .NET Framework that it detects are installed on the computer that it is being run on. As a result, the tool will not list all of the above versions of the .NET Framework. This product filtering can be overridden by running the .NET Framework setup verification tool with the following command line switch:
netfx_setupverifier.exe /q:a /c:"setupverifier.exe /a"

Many programs that are developed for the Windows operating system make use of the framework that needs to be installed before software that uses it can be installed or run. Verifying that the .net Framework has been installed correctly is an important task especially for business environments but also for users who experience error messages or other problems with the net. Framework.

It can verify the installed .net Frameworks. It will only display those frameworks that it detects to be installed on the computer system it is executed on.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system utility software.

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