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  • Date: Jan 27, 2015
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Free Download MegaGlest 3.11.0

MegaGlest is an open source 3D-real-time strategy game, where you control the armies of one of seven different factions: Tech, Magic, Egyptians, Indians, Norsemen, Persian or Romans. The game is setup in one of 14 naturally looking settings, which -like the unit models- are crafted with great appreciation for detail. Additional game data can be downloaded from within the game at no cost.

This project is a fork of the original rts, glest. It aims to improve the game and its content with a particular focus on network play.

Basic Tutorial:
1. You are in command of the Tech faction, which uses medieval warriors and mechanical devices to fight.
2. To harvest resources you will need Workers. To produce some first select the Castle then use the "Produce Worker" command.
3. Units are selected by left clicking on them, commands are given by either right clicking on a target or at the terrain.
4. To mine Gold, first select a Worker, then right click on a Gold patch.
5. Workers will keep on harvesting and taking resources to a building that can store the type of resource they are carrying.
6. Resource information is displayed at the top of the screen, the number on the left is the current amount, the number on the right is the storage capacity.
7. Other resources like Wood or Stone are harvested in the same way as Gold.
8. The Tech faction usually needs a lot of Gold and Wood, and a bit of Stone.
9. Every unit in the Tech faction consumes Food. Without Food units will take damage and die. Food can be produced by farm animals. Animals are produced at the Farm.
10. Always remember to have enough animals to feed your units.
11. The balance between Food consumption and production is displayed in brackets next to the Food storage at the top of the screen.
12. To defeat your enemy you will need some warriors, most Tech warriors are produced at the Barracks.
13. To build a Barracks select a Worker, click on "Build Basic" > "Barracks" and then select a spot for the building.
14. Remember to always build a Barracks at the beginning, this will allow you to quickly produce warriors.
15. The basic Tech warrior is the Swordman, select the Barracks, then click on "Produce Swordman" to produce one. Make sure you have enough resources.
16. You should always have some warriors at your base, they will automatically attack any enemies in range.
17. Archers are the basic ranged unit of the Tech faction. They are also produced at the Barracks.
18. Produce a few more warriors to defend your base from enemy attacks.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this strategy game software.

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