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  • Date: Aug 28, 2012
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Maintenance Assistant Free CMMS Download
Free Download Maintenance Assistant Free CMMS 3.35

Maintenance Assistant Free CMMS is the most accessible, and powerful CMMS for managing assets within any industry. Unlimited licenses and proprietary-free. And... its free!
Maintenance Assistant Free CMMS is full-featured, network enabled Industrial Strength Computerized Maintenance Management System that runs on any OS Platform. There are no fees, and no purchase expectations; it is always updated and entirely FREE.
MA CMMS gives full control over your inventory and business assets through preventative, corrective and emergency maintenance routines that may be scheduled and managed by any number of technicians from anywhere with internet access. The best part being, your valuable CMMS data is centrally stored in a Powerful SQLite Database, safe behind your firewalls, and available for full reporting analysis.
MA CMMS runs network enabled with all features and does not rely on any other proprietary software. The Maintenance Assistant Community account enables your CMMS to use our servers for powerful networking tools such as Automated RFQ management, Technician Alerts, Software Localization and more all without the need to purchase additional software.
Infinite number of users and terminals and fully network enabled; Emergency email messaging and text alerts; RFQ automation and management for easy parts requisition; Organized Parts and Asset Inventory Management; Integrated SQLite relational database as database backbone; Scheduled and Recurring Maintenance manager; RSS enabled for access from a wireless device or Dashboard system; Batch data importing for assets; Warranty certificate management; Full Language Localization system; Much more.
Maintenance Assistant is full-featured Industrial Strength CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). It not only integrates the best features of the competition, but also includes an intuitive user interface and powerful new tools.
MA CMMS V3 is a robust web-enabled Maintenance Management system that will empower any organization to run preventive and scheduled maintenance on all their business assets. Within MA CMMS you can organize, maintain and track maintenance on your Buildings, Facilities, Machines, Equipment, Tools, and track inventory and usage of Parts and Supplies throughout your maintenance lifecycle.
The ability to maintain effective maintenance schedules for your assets, and audit results with powerful reporting creates an environment of knowledge, efficiency and accountability that are the driving factors for continual improvement in any organization's operations. It will save valuable time, money and even align your company with ISO Standard baselines.

The success of our First and Second generation CMMS software has been due in large part to the dedication of our team to ensure real-world input drives the CMMS design. What this has enabled is the ability for our development team to build an un-bloated software application that serves the needs of the Users. With the design of an intuitive, easy to use Web User interface, we have successfully created an enterprise enabled CMMS that can be employed by Users of any technical background, and installed, out of the box without need for any additional software on any operating system in a matter of minutes.
This intuitive easy to use CMMS application will allow you to quickly roll out an effective maintenance program within your operations by minimizing the "time to learn" for the end User.

Maintenance Assistant CMMS V3 is an advanced Java based Server that installs quickly and easily on your home, business or enterprise network. The CMMS Server will run as a service which will ensure that your data is always available even if you log out of your computer, or if your computer reboots.
Maintenance Assistant supports an unlimited amount of connections, and is the same easy to navigate installation for single user as it is for multi user. You may configure the application to run on your desktop computer and just as easily you can set up the Maintenance Assistant application as a server for all network users to access via any web browser. You can even configure it for secure access from outside your network.

For personal or small business users, MA CMMS V3 ships with a standard configuration and installs out-of-the-box without any need for any additional software. It is a quick and effective way to get up and running with your Maintenance Management initiatives.

Maintenance Assistant's 3rd generation CMMS has been architected to meet the broad expectations of SMEs within any industry. The software design enables installation on any server and network configuration, from a "One Click" out of the box installation to a "Sky is the limit" customized enterprise load balanced environment. Our CMMS architecture also enables full customizability through its Application-wide API, ensuring the longevity of the core CMMS.
All of the standard CMMS features found in V2 will also be seen in our V3 software, however based on demand from our User Community, the following improvements have been made.

The Maintenance Assistant team utilizes a Community Based Development model to ensure that the drivers of the software are actually the end users. Through our continual improvement development lifecycle, utilizing the strength of world-wide input, we have been able to capitalize on the direct needs of a broad range of SMEs around the globe. Our users have had the ability to shape the direction of this CMMS Application making it no wonder why MA CMMS is the world's asset management choice.

Generation 3 of MA CMMS imposes strict, industry standard, security measures to protect your valuable data. The MA CMMS ships with:
* A multi-tiered built-in firewall
* Distinct, run-time generated 512 bit Private Key to distinguish every registered business
* All communication over 128 bit SSL encrypted communication
* All passwords encrypted using a hash digest when stored in the database

Asset Management
* All Assets are treated equal. All Facilities, Equipment, Tools, Parts & Supplies are driven by system defined rules. These rules dictate the nature of the asset and the type of maintenance or consumption that occurs on it. By default, Work orders may be assigned to all Facilities, or equipment, and parts & supplies may be consumed.
* Custom Fields. Custom fields may be created and assigned to any type of asset. Once created, they will persist on all forms of that asset type
* Asset Reports. Every item within the system has built in reports to allow the viewer to determine key information right when they need it.

Scheduling and Preventive Maintenance
* Multi-Triggering. Triggers may be pooled on one Scheduled Maintenance item, to allow the user the power of triggering a work order based on multiple inputs including any time or meter reading trigger.
* Automatic User Assignment. Technicians are automatically associated with a work order based on their relation to the asset or based on task assignment. Notifications can be sent based on their association, meaning that Technicians can be notified of pending work and Asset Operators can be notified when their Asset is offline.
* Multi-User Assignment. Multiple technicians may be assigned to a Work Order or Scheduled Maintenance item, and Work Orders have improved documentation and logging of all tasks, updates, parts used, and costing over the life of the Work Order.
* Flexible status. MA CMMS will always keep a working record of any Work Order to allow it to be reopened if it has mistakenly been closed.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this inventory management software.

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