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  • Version: 2010.4.318
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  • Date: Sep 09, 2010
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MagicCute Data Backup Download
Free Download MagicCute Data Backup 2010.4.318

MagicCute Data Backup enables you to clone your entire PC or laptop hard drive to an image or another drive, including the Operating System, data files, applications, pictures, video, financial documents and settings. The user interface is simplicity but not simple.

First of all, you do not have to burn a CD to run the software. You can backup or restore data while browsing the latest news. MagicCute Data Backup supports Volume Shadow Copy, which enables you clone your system while running it. The clone process alway takes a long time to complete.
MagicCute Data Backup has develop its own high performance data copy engine. With this engine, data clone speed can reach up to 2GB per minute and unused disk space will be ignored. You will find your data has been transfered to the destination after having a cup of coffee.

Last but not least, MagicCute Data Backup has some built-in utilities which helps you to mange the clone process. For example, the Disk Partition Resizing. If you want to Upgrade your hard drive, Disk Partition Resizing help you to resize the partitions on your new hard drive to make full use of the rest space. In a word, MagicCute Data Backup is a "Swiss Army Knife" that help you to protect your important data easily, efficiently, safely.

Clone a partition to another
step 1. Select the source Partition
Step 2. Select Target Partition
Step 3. Confirm your selection

Clone a Hard Drive to another
Step 1. Select the source hard drive
Step 2. Select the target Hard Drive
Step 3 (optional) Adjust the partition layout will be in target drive
Step 4. Confirm selection

Backup a Hard Drive to an image file
Step 1. Select the source hard drive
Step 2. Create the Image File
Step 3. Confirm Selection

Restore a Partition from an image file
Step 1. Select an image file
Step 2. Select Target
Step 3. Confirm Selection

* Backup to Image File is disabled

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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