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  • Date: Sep 04, 2007
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    IP Utility
MAC Address Changer Download
Free Download MAC Address Changer 1.0

MAC Address Changer is a simple and free tool that was designed to help you change the MAC ID of your network adapter. A freeware program (with source code) that allows you to change the MAC ID of your network adapter.

From Author: my cable ISP does something really unusual and annoying - they lock a cable modem to the N/W card's MAC Address, thereby disallowing an user from either changing his network card or using a different machine. When my dad visits me, this is most inconvenient as he cannot plug his laptop to the internet and I don't have a LAN at home he can plug into. A Linuxian friend of mine suggested that I change the MAC ID - which is apparently a one-command operation on Linux based machines. I googled around and found that changing the MAC under Windows involved changing certain registry values and resetting the network adapter. I barely trust my dad with his laptop, so you can imagine how I felt about trusting him to modify the registry and reset network adapters. I am not particularly crazy about coding, I do it for a living as well as an off-work hobby - but I thought it'd be a prudent idea to write a GUI app for my dad in my spare time. That's how MAC Address Changer for Windows XP/2003 came into being.

1. Change MAC ID
Enter a MAC Address into the edit box and click the change button. It validates the ID you've entered, so you cannot enter a MAC like "I am a chicken hawk" or something goofy like that.
2. Reset MAC ID
This'll reset the MAC Address to the adapter default.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this ip utility software.

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