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LibraryO is a software application for book libraries, it can record data that related to libraries in a database system, such as information about books, members and lends of books to the members.

LibraryO software is developed for most common library operations, because of that rules and constraints implemented in LibraryO are also common for libraries. Such as the maximum period member can keep a book, maximum book quantity member can lend once etc... And most of those rules and constraints values are able to customize according to any library that LibraryO will be use.

Read following use cases to understand how to use LibraryO in different types of libraries.
1. ABC organization library use case (for new libraries)
ABC organization is a software company. Top management of the organization decided to establish library for employees. Then organization bought 50 books that will be necessary for employees and allocated room for the library within the organization building and hired a librarian.

2. Sarasavi library use case (for exiting libraries)
Sarasavi is a library with 500 books and 200 registered members. Before use LibraryO they used manual file and paper based system to record library data. All books were numbered and for each registered member it was given unique number for identify.

LibraryO use a directory(folder) to store database file and saved query file. This directory should be a directory that unauthorize users cannot access. You can set or change this data directory location by using Settings dialog box.

Librarian facade is the main user interface of the LibraryO, using this interface you will be able to access all other useful sub interfaces. On this interface it's provided menus and toolbars to access other sub interfaces. In here you will able to learn about menubars, toolbars and sub interfaces and how to access them.

1. Microsoft .Net framework 4 client profile.
2. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 express or higher version.

You need to install above software applications before run installation unless setup will not continue.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this organizer software.

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