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  • Date: Oct 24, 2012
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Kanji Sketch Pad Download
Free Download Kanji Sketch Pad 2.913 Beta

Kanji Sketch Pad is an intuitive kanji coach that tests your ability to draw Japanese characters. Animated Kanji drawing coach for learning Japanese.

It is integrated into the Cerebware Vocab Trainer but also comes as a standalone application in two flavours - a freeware version with eighty Grade One Kanji and a full Joyo Kanji version for serious students. In essence, it is a drawing pad that converts mouse strokes into kanji strokes, but it also animates new kanji for you to show you the correct shape, sequence and direction of the strokes. It does this by reading copyrighted data made available through the kanjivg project. It also makes use of the Edict dictionary to give you readings and examples of usage for your kanji. It allows you to set learning targets and plots your progress and revision needs, using a dynamic memory model based on a spaced repetition system.

It provides automatic links to readings and usage examples, both online and offline, which are tailored for the users specific needs - usage info can be configured to just show two-kanji compounds built from known kanji, for instance. Automatically graphs your progress relative to a user-selected target, such as 50 kanji/week. Quickly learn and practice your kanji writing skills using Kanji Sketch Pad.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this word processing software.

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