Job Scheduler

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  • Version: 1.13 (x64)
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  • Date: Aug 30, 2019
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    Planning Software
Job Scheduler Download
Free Download Job Scheduler 1.13 (x64)

Job Scheduler runs executables, scripts and database procedures (e.g. MySQL,SQL Server,Oracle ...). It provides sequential/parallel tasks, job chains, distributed processing, events, sync-points, load balancing, failover, SAP R/3-Adapter and a real API. An Open Source solution for enterprise level workload automation.

1. Platforms and Operating Systems
2. Database Management Systems
3. User Interfaces
4. Programming Interfaces
5. Command Line Operation
6. Start Times
7. Jobs, Job Chains and Orders
8. Scripting
9. Error Handling
10. Event Handling
11. High Availability & Fault Tolerance
12. Cross-Platform Scheduling
13. Central Configuration
14. Directory Monitoring and File Watching
15. Managed File Transfer
16. Resource Contention Management
17. Programming Interfaces
18. Notifications
19. Monitoring
20. Maintenance Window Management
21. Migration and Integration

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this planning software.

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