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JBrute Download
Free Download JBrute 3.1

JBrute is a stand-alone English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary lookup program. It uses publicly available data for the dictionary and examples (see acknowledgements below). The current distribution contains in excess of 170,000 dictionary entries and a similar number of example-of-use sentences.

Think of it as full-featured, PC-version of dedicated electronic dictionary device: a fast and easy way to look up both English and Japanese words and phrases. Features include:
1. Key-by-key lookup in both English and Japanese. As you type, entries that start with your query immediately appear in the left search pane.
2. Power searches. Every word of the dictionary and examples can be searched (including Wildcard and quoted phrase searches).
3. Vocabulary List for electronic text. Given a section of Japanese text (say in a PDF file or a web page), you can automatically create a list of words/phrases found in the text.
4. Examples and Kanji meanings. Each dictionary entry includes both examples (where available, and they usually are) and information about each Kanji character used.
5. It supports the OS's native IME. Thus you can enter search terms in both English and Japanese. If you enter it in Japanese, you can even "paint" the Kanji. If you don't know about the OS's IME, see the Help file.

How to Start JBrute.
From the Start menu, pick Programs/JBrute/JBrute. The application will start. If it is not registered, it will prompt you for a registration number. Initially, you can press "Cancel" to dismiss this request.

How to Use JBrute.
JBrute is a Japanese dictionary application. To look up words/phrases in the dictionary, follow these instructions.

How to Search (Manually)
JBrute supports two different types of manual searches: Key-by-Key Lookup for basic lookup and a Power Search for more specialized queries. The Windows IME is supported so you can search for words in both Japanese and English.

Windows Clipboard Integration / Vocabulary List
JBrute can monitor the Windows system Clipboard and automatically search any Japanese text you copy to the clipboard. This creates a "Vocabulary List" for your text and can be very helpful if you are studying electronic text (typically a PDF file or a web page).

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $10.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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