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  • Date: May 09, 2011
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    Network Utility
HostsXpert Download
Free Download HostsXpert 4.4

HostsXpert (formerly Hoster) is an editor for your HOSTS file that enables you to replace entries, merge HOSTS files, swap entries with and more. The program is mainly intended for hands-on adware, spyware and ad blocking. HostsXpert includes a built-in text editor (memopad) to edit the file contents, an option to download and merge block files (MVPshosts, hpHosts) and a function to backup and restore the original HOSTS file. Standalone program, non install required.

HostsXpert Features:
* Append File - Allows selection of a file to be appended to your current hosts file.
* Replace File - Allows selection of a file to replace your hosts file.
* Merge File - Allows selection of a file to be merged with your current hosts file.
* Create Backup - Creates a Backup of you current hosts file. Backup file will be placed where ever HostsXpert.exe resides on your Hard drive.
* Restore Backup - Restores the backup hosts file.
* Restore MS Hosts - Restores the hosts file to Microsoft's original hosts file.
* Add to Hosts Files - Adds the line item into your hosts file.
* Delete Line - Deletes highlighted line from hosts file.
* Toggle Comment - Toggles whether or not a line is a comment ('#').
* Sort File - Sorts the current hosts file in alphanumeric order, removes all comment lines and duplicates.
* Swap Localhost - Swaps the current hosts file between and
* Remove Block Items - Removes all blocking lines in the current hosts file.
* Copy to Clipboard - Copies the current hosts file to the clipboard.
* Make Hosts read-only/writable toggle
* Search - Enter text to be searched for, click Previous or Next.
* Open in Memopad - Opens the Memopad built-in to HostsXpert.
* Save Hosts - Saves the Hosts file from Memopad.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this network utility software.

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