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  • Date: Feb 08, 2010
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Friendly Scheduler is a task scheduler with intuitive user interface and extended set of functions. With this application, you can bind tasks to additional events, such as pressing keyboard shortcuts, connecting to the Internet, plugging USB Stick and others. This application is an extension for Windows Task Scheduler, and therefore it allows working with existing Windows tasks.

The most common scenarios for using the software include:
1. Scheduling tasks for certain moments of time by days, weeks or months.
2. Launching applications or running other tasks on pressing keyboard shortcut.
3. Scheduling tasks on plugging USB Flash Drive or Hard Disk. For example, running automatic file synchronization between several computers.
4. Periodic synchronization of files and folders.
5. Instant termination of a process on pressing a keyboard shortcut or on other event.
6. Running tasks automatically on connecting to the Internet. For example, running automatic e-mail check.
7. Scheduled computer shutdown, hibernation or turning off sound or monitor backlight.
8. Launching programs on computer startup or user logon.
9. Launching applications or running other tasks on computer wakeup.
10. Running tasks when idle.
11. Scheduled delivery of mail messages; e.g., on connecting to the Internet.
12. Running tasks automatically on connecting to corporate LAN. For example, copying documents to workstation.
13. Scheduled delivery of network messages.

Unique features:
1. USB Stick Event. The USB disk plug event and file synchronization support let you easily configure automatic synchronization of documents to a removable storage device when it is plugged to the computer.
2. File Synchronization. Can be utilized for backing up files and folders. Or for keeping data current on different computers with a USB Stick or any other removable data storage device.
3. Hot Key Event. Running any specific tasks on pressing keyboard shortcut.
4. Hibernating computer. You can also set up a hibernation timer for your TV or audio system. By just clicking on the desktop you can have Friendly Scheduler set a timer and after some time turn off the monitor backlight or shutdown the computer entirely.
5. Internet Connection Event. Launching programs or performing other actions on connecting to the Internet.
6. Sending e-mail using Microsoft Outlook or manually via SMTP. No need to enter mail server settings manually if you have an e-mail client installed on the computer.
7. Kill Process feature. Closes any application instantly, not causing data loss in the majority of cases. Find out more about this algorithm in the manual.
8. Wake Up Event. Launching applications automatically on computer wakeup.
9. Interaction with the built-in Windows scheduler. All the tasks you have created earlier remain accessible. They can be created with the built-in scheduler, as well as using Friendly Scheduler's interface.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $25.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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