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  • Date: Apr 09, 2011
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Free AVCHD Editor Download
Free Download Free AVCHD Editor

Create your own AVCHD structure by editing and removing extra streams or clips you do not want to use. Free AVCHD Editor is a free software to edit your AVCHD / Blu-Ray video
1. Watch HD videos on TV
2. Build your personalized AVCHD stucture
3. Create a personal copy of blu-ray movie
4. Strip video of unwanted streams

Order your playlists, add chapters, and then press GO to create a blu-ray compliant output or an AVCHD structure in short or long format. You can also create a personal copy of blu-ray movie. Strip and remove all unwanted extra files, one by one, or remove all items except the main movie.
VSO AVCHD Editor allows you to drag and drop files easily into the interface, edit playing order of files, use custom chapter editing, set the interface mode you prefer (easy, advanced, or pro).

Free AVCHD Editor Features:
1. drag + drop
2. edit playing order of files
3. custom chapter editing
4. different interface modes (easy, advanced, pro)
* easy
* advanced: detailed info on every file
* pro: remove unwanted streams

5. Strip video of unwanted streams, i.e. removing all contents from a blu-ray movie except the "Main movie", i.e. capable of extracting only the main movie
6. Create a personal copy of blu-ray movie (with the help of AnyDVD) 1:1 with an AVCHD output structure, efficient when copying result to USB key
7. Create and build your personalized AVCHD stucture. AVCHD Editor lets you edit and chose what parts from the whole structure you want to use in your final resulting project, like when you have an AVCHD camcorder coming from Sony, Panasonic, some Samsungs)

Input Format:
1. avchd/blu-ray root files (index.bdmv, index.bdm, movieObject.bdmv, or movieObj.bdm)
2. playlist files (playlist.mpls or playlist.mpl)
3. clip information file (*.clpi,*.clp)
4. .mts or m2ts if or if it has its corresponding clip information file

Output Format:
1. AVCHD short format
2. AVCHD long format
3. Blu-Ray compliant

Players: Not all players are capable of reading each of these formats. For example one Blu-Ray player may only be able to read the AVCHD short format, and not the AVCHD long format nor the Blu-ray compliant format. Of our tests done on 7 players, on each player at least one format was able to be read. So you may have to try different formats to see which one(s) are supported by your player.

Sony + Panasonic read the AVCHD short format no problem (they were the creators of this format)

To be able to use some thing you have produced with AVCHD Editor you will need to have one of the following types of players:
* Playstation 3
* Blu-ray player
* Some high end DVD players (with the mention of AVCHD compatibiliy in the manual)
* Some high end media centers (such as PopCorn)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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