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  • Date: Nov 18, 2010
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    Card & Label Design
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Flash Card Master was written primarily to print flash cards, but over time has evolved into a full fledged application. Unlike other flash card applications, Flash Card Master is design centric. Less telling, more showing.

This application allows users to design, edit and print flash cards. Flashcard Master is a flash card program. Flash Card Master (FCM) allows users to design, edit and print flash cards. Notable features include various data input methods, wikitext formatting in text fields, and facilites to review materials.

Using Flash Card Master you will be able to have flash cards on screen and in print with same appearance. The features of Flash Card Master are explained in detail in this document. We hope you will enjoy using Flash Card Master.

Flash Card Master Features:
1. Easy to print to real flashcards.
2. Wiki text support in text fields.
3. Ability to design the layout of flash cards (WYSIWYG).
4. Reads CSV, XML and Card (binary format).
5. Writes CSV, XML, HTML (see sample), and Card formats
6. Multiple review methods (Normal, Shuffled, Manual or Timed)
7. 3-tier Leitner system support.
8. Self testing (Multiple Choice).

Supported file types:
1. Card Markup Language (.cml)
2. Card File (.card)
3. Comma Separated Value (.csv)
5. LaTeX (.tex)
6. Flashcard Pro (.xfs)

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this card & label design software.

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