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  • Date: Mar 06, 2010
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Engroup Download
Free Download Engroup 1.5.1

Engroup is a information, knowledge center and communication tool for groups and companies. Engroup promotes both informal and formal communication by combining various communication methods like private message (one-to-one, simple protocol), chat or email.

In addition, Engroup provides many enterprise features like Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship, Document Management and Project Management modules. By utilizing the strength of Java language at server side and Flex on Flash runtime at client side, Engroup provides the fast and stability platform with user friendly interface. Engroup is the right tool for you if you want a software for one or many following requirements:
1. Managing your tasks.
2. Reading new channels.
3. Collaborating and communicating: private message, chat, mail, forum.
4. Managing your company knowledge and information: wiki, document management.
5. Managing company employee information.
6. Managing customer information.
7. Managing project: tasks, messages, problems, risks, resources and documents.

Enterprice groupware at your fingertips. Engroup is the web enterprise groupware promotes various collaboration methods plus adding company business management modules. Features are included: CRM, HRM, Document Management, Project Management, Chat, Wiki, Forum, News, Todo.

Engroup Features:
1. System administration
2. Private Message
3. Forum
4. Document Management
5. Customer Management
6. HR Management
7. Project Management
8. User Connections
9. Chat
10. Wiki

How to install:
Engroup server is a java based application server built on the top of Osgi framework, that bundles the servlet container as one of its bundles. Any sub modules (jar libraries or web application) also be deployed as osgi bundles. It uses tomcat as servlet container and store content in MySQL database (in theory, Engroup can run in almost any databases support JDBC because Engroup uses iBatis as its DAO layer and plain SQL statement only). It is very easy to install Engroup in any operating system by using the Engroup server standalone version.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this business management software.

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