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  • Date: Apr 24, 2024
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EaseUs Disk Copy enables you to create an exact copy/clone of your internal hard drive, by copying the data from one drive to the other, including all operating system settings, programs, data etc. This is useful when you are upgrading or replacing your hard drive as it eliminates the need to reinstall Windows and all your programs. The program runs from a boot floppy and includes a wizard that will create the floppy disk for you. In order for EaseUs Disk Copy to work, the new hard drive must already be installed (external USB or Firewire drives are not supported) and configured as a Secondary Master - this may require you to change Bios settings. Documentation does not come included but is offered from the web site.

EASEUS Disk Copy is a potent freeware providing sector-by-sector disk/partition clone regardless of your operating system, file systems and partition scheme. The sector-by-sector method assures you a copy 100% identity to the original. Disk Copy can be used for copy, cloning, or upgrading your original small hard drive to a new larger drive. Simply speaking, it can copy anything from the old hard drive including the deleted, lost files and inaccessible data. So, the freeware is a perfect tool for Data Recovery Wizard to recover files from a backup disk.

* Copy all of your hard drive: Creating a bootable CD/DVD, it allows you to copy entire disk in case of unknown/proprietary file systems.
* Partition copy: Enables you to copy one partition to another partition you want.
* Disk copy: Enables you to clone one disk to another sector by sector.
* Sector by sector copy: Makes physical 1:1 copies (clones) of hard disks and partitions. This ensures 100% identity to the original.
* Safe, simple and fast: It is a very fast and easy way to copy all or part of a hard drive to another hard drive with Disk Copy.
* Supports inaccessible disk copy
* Supports booting from CD/DVD
* Friendly graphical user interface
* Relay disk space for insufficient destination
* Support hard disks up to 1 TB

Disk Copy only copies your disk/partition without any change. It offers sector to sector copy, which means you can get a same-size duplicate of partition as the original one. So, you can not enlarge your partition with Disk Copy. To resize your partition, please turn to EASEUS Partition Manager, which can resize/move a partition freely in Windows System without destroying data.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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