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  • Date: Nov 27, 2011
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Dillo Download
Free Download Dillo 3.0p8

The fast and light browser. Dillo is a multi-platform graphical web browser known for its speed and small footprint. The Dillo projects objectives are the democratization of Internet information access; personal security and privacy; and high software efficiency. This version is an independent port for Windows 95 and higher, and is not supported by the mainline Dillo developers.

Basic things:
1. You can tell a link from plain content by the hand-shaped cursor.
2. Besides browsing the web, Dillo also has basic file browsing capabilities included. So, entering "file:" in your Dillo URL window will give you the contents of your current working directory, and "file:~" entered in the same place will point your Dillo browser right to your home directory...
3. Dillo, at this stage of development, is not ready to render pages that use frames. Nevertheless, it comes with a tiny handler (lynx/w3m-like) that will let you choose which frame to visit, one by one.
4. Dillo has context sensitive menus using the right mouse button (available on pages, links, images, forms, the Back and Forward buttons, and the bug meter).
5. Some of the functions in Dillo are handled by independent processes. For instance, downloads come through wget. If Dillo exits, the download can continue (more details below).

1. You can scroll around your Dillo main window using CTRL+{PgUp|PgDwn|Home|End} or using the mouse middle button or mouse wheel. If nothing happens when keys are pressed, try focusing your Dillo main window first by clicking it (not on any link!:)).
2. You can use the space key as PgDn, and {'b' | 'B'} as PgUp.
3. Similarly, you can use "," and "." as shortcuts for forward and backward buttons (mnemonic: those keys are usually labeled "<" and ">").
4. Configuration: If you want to change Dillo's appearance or behaviour, look at the options in your dillorc file (if you don't have a copy in your ~/.dillo/ directory, get it here).
5. Clicking the "Reload" button always requests an end-to-end reload of the page currently viewed, but it will *not* reload embedded images during this process.
6. Dialogs can be closed with the ESC key.
7. If you want to try a different control panel, right-click over the search button until you find one that suits your needs, then make it the default in your dillorc file.
8. The whole window area can be used to display the page. Just hit Ctrl-Space!

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this web browser software.

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