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  • Date: May 30, 2012
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BoltCRM is a new definition for CRM software. BoltCRM is an advanced application designed to enable you to easily and efficiently manage your customers. It provides powerful customer relationship management capabilities including sales force automation, customer support and service, marketing automation and flexible customization.

BoltCRM Features:
1. Sales Force Automation
Bolt CRM centralize information from multiple sources into one convenient, action-oriented workspace and easy to manage accounts, collaborate on sales opportunities, and accurately forecast sales.
2. Get Email inside Bolt CRM
Bolt CRM seamlessly integrates with your emails, making users send and receive mails without quitting Bolt CRM, also can share customers emails with your team mates.
3. Analytics and ReportingBolt CRM provide fingertip access into sales, marketing and customer service performance and even easily integrate back-office metrics for total business visibility.
Marketing Automation
4. Target, build, execute, and measure success of marketing campaigns and eliminate the complexity.
Customer Service & Support
5. Tracking customers service and resolving sudden incidents in no time. Effectively optimized service resources and frontline service representatives to dramatically increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
Partner Relationship Management
6. Shorten the time of employees and partners handle leads, collaborate more effectively on deals, and improve sales forecasting with Bolt CRM.

1. Shorten decision making time.
Bolt CRM will dramatically shorten analysis and decision time via sheding light on crucial information from detailed and comprehensive reports.
2. Enhanced sales and analysis tools.
Bolt CRM will drive shorter sales cycles and improve close rates maximally. Analysis tool will customize automated sales processes, expedite quotes and streamline order management.
3. Identify repeat and valued customers.
Bolt CRM will automatically target repeat and valued customers, which will be convenient for business organization, also boosts cross-selling of other products and services.
4. Maximum enhanced productivity.
Bolt CRM will seamlessly integrate and automate sales and marketing process. Users can quickly gain shared tasks information, helping them significantly boost business productivity.
5. Secure customer relationship tightened.
With Bolt CRM, building individualized relationships can boost customer satisfaction and maximize profits in time.
6. Super serve best valued customers.
Bolt CRM data can be easy to identify most profitable customers and offer them the highest level of service. Such "Superservice" can increase the business's overall efficiency and reduce the total cost of sales.

* Only one BoltCRM user can be created
* Only shows 10 records when searching and browsing records

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $499.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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