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  • Date: Apr 02, 2008
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Biz5Utils Download
Free Download Biz5Utils 2.0

biz5Utils is an extremely versatile utility suite
that enables you to keep track of variety of critical
information. With it, you can manage a host of daily
tasks that would otherwise take many separate

Many computer users have the need to use a contact
manager and/or daily planner software. Whether it
be for business or personal use, this information is
best managed and accessed if stored in one
convenient location. This is the core concept of
biz5Utils. Bill payments, credit cards, passwords
and login management are also part of most peoples'
daily computer activities. We've also included a zip
and area code lookup utility that can help with a
missing zip code for an outbound letter, or the "where
is that area code on my caller I. D. from?" scenario.
While there are many competitive applications
offered by other companies that might perform these
individual tasks more robustly, biz5Utils combines
the most critical and frequently used elements of
these aaplication into one, convenient, easy to use

The license of this software is Demo,

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