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Bin2Iso Download
Free Download Bin2Iso

A Free Tool to Convert Bin Image Format to ISO Image Format. Bin2Iso is a free tool for converting one CD image format (Bin) to another format (ISO). The conversion routine is very simple. Just read the Bin image and according to it's structure, write the data in another format. For this reason, a developer must know structure of both formats.

Data stored on a CD-ROM disc is divided into sectors which are equivalent to the audio frames for a CD audio disc. At normal (1x) playback speed, 75 sectors are read every second. For double speed CD-ROM drives this increases to 150 sectors per second and so on. Seek times, while the disc rotates to the required starting position, will also reduce as speeds increase.

Because CDs were designed primarily for audio, their use for computer data requires the addition of header data and error correction codes which are included in every sector. There are two different types of sectors defined in the CD-ROM specification, Mode 1 and Mode 2 (the latter being used for CD-ROM XA discs).

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this cd burner software.

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