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  • Date: Aug 17, 2010
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Free Download BayWatcher Pro 8.01

Baywatch Pro is a certified eBay auction tool for buyers and sellers on eBay. It simplifies and expands the possibilities of the article and the article search observation. Furthermore it allows the analysis of Article prices and their development. The supplied additional tool BayReminder remembers time at the approaching End observed article.

The execution of searches and monitoring of articles with Baywatch Pro is much more comfortable, saves you time and money and offers much wider possibilities than the conventional search directly on the eBay site. The price analysis functions allow you as a buyer, articles at lower prices to buy and a seller, and articles on the best prices to sell.

The terms of the latest software designed user interface guarantees ease despite a large range of functions.

The Baywatch Pro offers the following ways that you never get used once again want to miss:
* Versatile look: The article can search from the outset after numerous criteria be restricted (eg, category, price range, country, region, Condition, Offer, Merchant etc.).
* Administration of queries: Once defined searches can be included on the search button and later saved by simply clicking quickly implemented. Mit dem hierarchischen Ablagesystem behalten Sie jederzeit berblick ber beliebig viele gespeicherte Suchen. With the hierarchical storage system to keep you at any time overview of as many saved searches.
* Lightning Fast Search: Baywatch Pro uses the high-performance eBay API to identifiable search and retrieval of the item data. Beispiel: Die Ermittlung von 400 Suchergebnisse dauert nur 2 bis 3 Sekunden! Example: The identification of 400 search lasts only from 2 to 3 seconds!
* Simultaneous searches: Extreme time savings when searching arises from the possibility of an unlimited number of predefined searches at the same time as them.
* Clear Results Display: The search results are arranged in tabular form below. The result list offers considerably more information than the normal eBay search results list. Obviously, the Baywatch Pro but also the information in the article included detailed item description pages and building within the programs. The time calling the slow load eBay items detail pages is so unnecessary.
* Unlimited sorting, grouping and filtering features: The search results list can be fewer clicks milliseconds after each criterion quickly sorted, filtered or even grouped together. There is no better way to get a quick overview of hundreds or thousands of results to give.
* Watch as many items:Simply highlight the interesting article in the search results list, you can as many articles in the Observation List. Articles can then organized into groups and their price history can be observed.
* Remembering bid: Shortly before the end reminds you in the background ongoing Utility BayReminder that it is time now a bid.
* Analysis of Rule prices: The evaluation functions show you statistical information (for example, minimum, maximum and average prices, sales figures etc.) and the price history in graphic form.
* Search for Bargains: The integrated search typo searches for articles with typos and were therefore of eBay's search not be found. Using the above diverse, you can also search by 1 euro items, which expire in a few minutes.
* Numerous additional functions: Observed notes with articles may be; Interesting auctions can touch via e-mail sent.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this auction software.

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