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  • Version: 1.2.2
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  • Date: May 06, 2009
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Banana Screen is an interesting little application that allows you to lock and unlock your computer using face recognition. The application is simple to setup and use and makes unlocking your computer faster than having to type a password each time you sit down.

Banana Screen will automatically lock your computer when you move away from it.

When you come back, BananScreen unlocks your computer in less time than it would take to enter your password.

How does Banana Screen work?
With a simple webcam, facial features are captured to build a statistical representation of the face. No picture is stored on your harddrive (or anywhere else) but only your face model (binary format).

Is there a more secure and accurate method of identifying the authorization of access to the PC through your own face? Unless you have a twin brother (in this case the program will not work), Banana Screen lets you restrict access to the computer through a sophisticated facial recognition, confirming where the owner himself who is using it.

Banana Screen is activated after a period of inactivity of the computer, which defaults to 60 seconds, after which access to the PC will be controlled by the program.Anyway, if the program does not recognize your face (you or you make a cosmetic surgery), you can always use the Windows password as a second key access to the computer.

The program is currently in beta so expect improvements in the coming months. At the moment the balance between ease of use and accuracy is not quite right. The application allows you to register a number of different face models which allow recognition under a variety of lighting conditions and face poses, however, I've found that if you over train the model the systems tends to produce far too many false positives. If the model is under-trained then lighting conditions at different times of the day tend to produce too many false negatives.

At the moment Banana Screen can only handle screen locking rather than true windows login, this is probably a prudent move whilst the program is in beta, as they are trying to avoid deep windows integration during the beta stage.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system locking software.

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