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Free Download AutoRun Maker 1.0

AutoRun Maker simplifies the process of creating autorun CD/DVD discs and USB drives. It supports all major functions supported in 'autorun.inf' file. You can add a custom icon with label for your removable media. A file can also be added to the autorun so that it will run automatically with AutoPlay. Additional shell commands can be added on drive's context menu from which a default can be selected to run on double-click from explorer. Autorun configuration can be created for a directory on the hard drive which can later be burnt to a disc or copied to a USB storage device. You can also add an entry in context menu for all directories to easily select that drive or directory for creating its autorun configuration. AutoRun Maker can also enable or disable the autorun feature of CD/DVD drives. Portable version is also available.

With AutoRun Maker you can:
1. Add a custom icon for your removable media (i.e. CD/DVD discs and USB storage devices)
2. Add a label to show in explorer.
3. Add a file (either executable or document) to open automatically with necessary parameters & AutoPlay label.
4. Add additional shell commands to show on drive's context menu and sets the user selected command default which executes whenever the user double-clicks the drive icon in explorer.
5. Automatically copies the icon to the drive if it is not present in the drive.
6. Create autorun configuration for a directory which can later be burnt to a disc or copied to a USB storage device.
7. Autorun configuration can be saved for working on it later.
8. Add entry in context menu for all directories to easily select that drive or directory for making an autorun configuration.
9. Enable or disable the Autorun feature of CD/DVD drives.

* .NET Framework 3.5
* Screen resolution of 1024*768 (Recommended)

How to use AutoRun Maker:
1. First Step - Reference Directory
Specify the Reference Directory. If you are making autorun for a CD/DVD drive, this will be the directory which contains all ready files to be burnt to a disc. Else for a USB drive, specify its drive letter here. Here, I am specifying my USB drive here which is 'K:\'.
NOTE : Remember to plug-in your USB storage device before specifying the drive. This is not needed if the Reference Directory is a local (available) directory in the hard drive. You must have write-access to this directory.

2. Second Step - Icon
Select an icon for your media by clicking on Select Icon button . Although you can select an individual icon or an icon within an executable (EXE) or Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file, selecting an individual icon is preferable in case the container file is not present in the Reference Directory as AutoRun Maker will copy the entire EXE or DLL file containing your selected icon to the Reference Directory. It has the drawback that, the EXE or DLL may be a large file which could take up a considerable amount of space on your media. At present, AutoRun Maker does not supports icon extraction but you can always use many of the freely available icon extractors like BeCyIconGrabber by Benjamin Bentmann to extract icons from EXE & DLL files.

3. Third Step - Labels (Label is optional; AutoPlay Label is needed only when you want to specify a File to AutoRun)
Enter the label for your drive that will shown in all explorer windows including My Computer for the corresponding drive. For example, I am specifying the Label as 'My USB Drive'.
Also, type in the AutoPlay Label. This label will be shown in the AutoPlay dialog for the file you will specify below. Here I am setting it as 'Launch My Application'.
NOTE : You must specify the AutoPlay label for you to specify the File to AutoRun. If you leave this field empty, the fields in group File to AutoRun will remain inactive.

4. Fourth Step - File to AutoRun

Select the file you want to autorun whenever the CD/DVD disc is inserted or USB media is connected to the system using the Select File button . This file should be preferably be present in the Reference Directory otherwise you will be asked to copy it there. Still you can deny it but that will lose the portability for your AutoRun configuration as it will only work on the system you made it and that too as long as the file remains there.
In addition, if your application needs some command-line parameters, you can specify in the Parameters field. My application don't need one so I will leave it empty.

NOTE : Ensure that the file path should not contain any spaces in between (neither in any directory or the file name iteself). autorun.inf does not support space in file paths. If your specified file path indeed has spaces you will not be warned for that by AutoRun Maker. You can rename the file (&/or in between directories) inside the Reference Directory that you want to autorun but be careful in renaming important files or directories as some other program may be dependent on it.

5. Fifth Step - Shell Commands (For Advanced Users)
If you want to add Context Menu (right click menu) entries for your media, you can do it here.
The command refers to any executable not limited to files present in the Reference Directory with its required parameters.
NOTE : Remember that AutoRun Maker does not check for the validity of commands you specify in this section. Its correctness should be ensured by the user. Also spaces must not be present in any of the file paths except for icon path. Note that it is the limitation of autorun.inf file that it is not able to manage spaces in file paths.

6. Sixth Step - After your desired autorun configuration is made
Now, we are ready to make the autorun.inf file for the specified autorun configuration. For this click on Make button . It may ask you for file overwrite or other related messages depending on your program settings. The progress bar below will show the progress status. This should not take more than 5-10 seconds but may vary if you have selected some icon or other file that is not present in the Reference Directory and is being copied to it.
After the process is completed, you may be shown with a message box asking for opening the generated 'autorun.inf' file.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this dvd/cd autorun software.

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