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  • Date: May 09, 2024
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    Word Processing
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Atlantis Nova is designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding word processing tasks with the greatest of ease. With its small size and memory footprint, Atlantis will easily launch from a floppy for maximum portability if necessary. A whole array of functions give you complete control over the handling and viewing of documents. Wheel mouse fans will be delighted to find support for their mouse advanced functions. The Zoom function will provide instant adequate magnification. A comprehensive innovative dual set of standard toolbar commands (Main & Alternative) provides instant access to most Atlantis commands. In addition to the usual text editing facilities (Column Block selection, Drag & Drop editing), a whole array of formatting commands are available, whole files and pictures can be inserted, allowing you perfect control over the layout and style of your documents. Support for Styles is comprehensive. The 200 Hot Keys will give power users all the instant control they require from the keyboard. Atlantis provides a special facility for storing clipboard items, the Clippy Bank. Correction is always possible. All editing can be undone or redone. Atlantis will create backup files of original versions of your documents.

Atlantis Nova has all the tools you might need to design simple formatted documents - letters, resumes, memos, etc. Beyond the traditional word processing commands, you are provided with a whole array of innovative functions. A dual set of toolbar commands for each of the 3 toolbars, a Document Bar with name-tabs for quick and easy access to any open document, a Easy Hand "grabbing" mode to navigate effortlessly through any document, a "Hide All" mode for maximum working space, a "Magnifying Glass" tool for instant high/low magnification, a graphic-type Format Brush to copy/paste font format, a Clippy Bank to store notes, etc, etc.

Atlantis Nova is very fast, compact, and has a very small memory footprint. But above all,
it is completely free. You can install Atlantis Nova on your PC, and use it free of charge!

Are you creating documents for professional or recreational purposes?
With Atlantis, you can create structures and layouts ranging from simplest to very complex, from trivial to highly professional. You can give your documents any desired look. Atlantis has all the features and tools to do just this.
But this is not all! With Atlantis, you will give font, paragraph, or structure the required format with unparalleled ease.
Headings, bookmarks, sections, columns, headers and footers, footnotes and endnotes, fields, styles, bulleted and numbered lists, the most elaborate formatting, all are a breeze in Atlantis.
You might ask "Why is it so?"
Simply because we have placed the greatest emphasis on functionality. Atlantis has a number of original tools that simply outclass the competition in terms of practicality.
Last but not least, Atlantis is small, stable, and it loads and works very fast.

Atlantis features a typing assist - Power Type. Working in close cooperation with the Atlantis spellcheckers, Power Type collects statistical information about text that you type, creating an ordered database of the words that you use most. When you start typing the same words again, a small window pops up with a warning sound, displaying a list of words beginning with the same characters. Very often, you will only have to press Enter to insert the suggestion highlighted by Power Type. In other instances, you will need to select the appropriate word from the list first, then press Enter to insert the highlighted word.
If you are a beginner or slow typist, the Atlantis Power Type will help you type documents in less time with less effort. But Power Type will also prove useful to advanced users: Power Type can be configured to suggest not only individual words but entire collocations and phrases. Users can register custom sets of phrases and collocations with Power Type. The Power Type suggestions will be all the more appropriate.

Besides the traditional printing features, Atlantis offers a whole array of advanced printing capabilities.
Documents can be printed with a specific zooming factor even when the document page size and the actual paper format do not match.
Multiple-page documents can be printed on one single sheet of paper.
Documents can be printed in two-sided mode on any printer, even on printers which do not have such built-in capability. This will save paper and print more compact versions of your documents.
And you can even create and print various types of booklets, including pocket-size booklets.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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