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  • Date: Dec 22, 2011
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ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects Download
Free Download ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects

ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects 2 is a smart and simple webcam application designed to enhance users' video chat experience through frames, effects, and themes. Using "Video Plug-in" technology, Magic-i Visual Effects 2 launches automatically when you start a video chat with any of your favorite chat clients, so you can apply fun effects simply and easily. It's also compatible with popular webcam applications like ArcSoft WebCam Companion.

Key Features:
1. Video Plug-in technology
2. Online chat visual effects
* Face Tracking
* Digital Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
* New Fun Frames
* New Fun Filters
* New Fun Theme
* Creative Avatar
* Video Enhancements
3. Webcam property adjustments
4. Private Button
5. Dynamic Lighting Technology
6. Noise Reduction Technology
7. Windows Vista compatible

1. Online Chat Visual Effects
Visual effects make your online chat experience fun and entertaining. The program launches automatically as an unobtrusive panel whenever you open a video chat or webcam application. Then you can choose from a variety of frames, effects, and themes to apply to your video stream. Use digital pan, tilt, and zoom effects to focus your video, then let automatic face tracking and video enhancement help you look your best.

2. Lots of Effects to Choose From
Enhance your online chat experience and create extra laughs with the fun visual effects, including multiple varieties of Filter, Mirror, Distort, Fun Frames, Animation Frames, and imaginative Themes.

3. Video Plug-in Technology Makes Everything Easier
The program's new Video Plug-in technology means that Magic-i Visual Effects launches automatically whenever you start a video chat or open one of your favorite webcam applications. There's nothing to it!

4. Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
Digital pan, tilt, and zoom of your webcam video means you can zoom in for close-ups or zoom out to show the full frame.

5. Custom Avatar
Personalize your video chat experience even further with an avatar that acts as your "virtual self," tracking your facial expressions while you chat. Use one of the built-in avatars or create your own from any photo on your hard drive.

6. Video Enhancement
It doesn't have to be a painful process to make your webcam video look great even if there is too much or too little light. Brightness and contract adjustment tools, together with Dynamic Lighting and Noise Deduction technologies, brilliant video is only a click away.

7. Change Video Size
The program automatically detects the frame size and changes to correct the resolution so that your video always looks clear and sharp.

8. Face Tracking
Even though there are no moving parts to adjust the camera, face tracking expands the camera's perspective from roughly 10 degrees to about 50 degrees. What does that mean? It means the camera is able to recognize and track a human face as it moves around. Essentially, you and your visual effects won't accidentally drift off-screen as you move around in your chair - face tracking keeps you in the picture

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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