Anti-Keylogger Elite

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  • Date: Jan 30, 2009
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Anti-Keylogger Elite Download
Free Download Anti-Keylogger Elite 3.3.1

Anti-Keylogger Elite(AKE) is a utility designed to detect keyloggers, it can be used to view and forbid keyloggers. AKE can detect known and unknown keyloggers, keylogger who want to record the keyboard type must been promised.AKE can forbid or allow the specified keylogger to work. If a keylogger is forbided it can record nothing or a specialfied string. About keylogger: Programmes in operation between the computer and the keyboard to record keystrokes. These are stored in a file on the computer or are sent to a server via the internet. Keylogger software is often a component of Trojan horses.

AKE can prevent known and unknown keyloggers from infiltrating your computer Logging everything you type on your keyboard and see on screen.

Keyloggers are created to let others spy on what you are doing at any time and either store the information for the person to obtain it later or send it over the internet to their computer. Keyloggers are more of a threat than people give them credit: Keyloggers log everything that you type including Usernames, Passwords, Credit Card Numbers, Private and confidential information. They can also now take lots of pictures of your computer's screen so that they can monitor and "See" everything that you do.

There is a way to stop it, You can use AKE to give you all round protection from all these threats.

Basic Function List

Detecting keyloggers by their actions in real-time, no scan time needed, no update needed.
Blocking keylogger to log anything even it looks like they are running normal.
Lists all keylogger programs detected by AKE.
All rules can been modified and deleted.
Password protection for openning and uninstalling AKE.
Auto block keyloggers, no manual needed.
Displaying Notification box when keyloggers detected.
Logging to file is supported.

Advance Function List

Kernel mode protection, detecting and blocking kernel mode keyloggers.
The AKE can block all privacy threats in your system, they are Keylogger, Password thief, Screen Shooter and Clipboard logger. All of them are very dangerous for your security and privacy.
Secure keyboard for high level privacy inputting. It can cross these type of threats: All hardware keyboard loggers; Windows kernel level keyloggers;Windows application level keyloggers and windows message hooks.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $59.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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