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Addraman Address Manager is a simple, yet powerful contact manager that is flexible for both business and personal use.

This is a fully featured address book application in which you can store work and home addresses and telephone numbers of your friends, colleagues and business contacts etc. Searching your contact list is easy and extensive notes can be entered about each contact. With the ability to export a range of addresses to a web browser for printing, your contact details are just a few clicks away.

Addraman Address Manager Features:
1. Storage for:
* Surname and first name
* Home and work addresses
* Home phone and personal mobile numbers
* Work phone, mobile, extension and facsimile numbers
* Extensive free text notes
2. Easy navigation and selection - Locate specific addresses in your address book
3. Flexible search - Search on any combination of address item details
4. Flexible export of addresses to your web browser - Print the easy to read data from your browser to use as your own personal phone book
5. Full context-sensitive help

An address book is a file that contains a collection of addresses. They have a file name extension of ".abk" and can be opened by the Addraman Address Manager, changed and saved back to disk. Your address book is loaded into the Addraman when you open it. The contents of the ".abk" file on disk are not changed unless you save the address book.

An address item holds the details for one person. They can also be used to store company names instead of people.

An address item consists of the following details:-
* Surname & First Name
* Home Address and Telephone Number
* Home Mobile Number
* Work Address and Telephone Number
* Work Extension, Mobile Phone & Facsimile Number
* Notes
All details except the Surname are optional and can be left blank. Telephone numbers can contain any characters and not just numbers.

* .NET Framework
* MODEM for dialling phone numbers

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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