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  • Date: Aug 17, 2010
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Free Download AVC Streamer 0.02 Alpha.b138

Stream live TV to any iPhone. AVC Streamer is a lightweight video streaming server allowing you to create your own personal broadcast.

Use one interface to stream, record, and manage your digital media, and live TV, all via a remote interface. Seamlessly switch between streaming live and stored content to multiple networked displays.

AVC Streamer can be used to stream H.264 videos in your home, business, or across the internet. Video and audio is encapsulated within a standard MPEG-2 Transport stream, just like TV from your cable or satellite provider.

AVC Streamer automatically generates thumbnails of the first 30 seconds of each video clip to allow you to easily select which videos to stream. Each directory in your media library can be automatically treated like a playlist and sorted by file name, date, size.

Setup your own internet streaming server
AVC Streamer can be used for streaming video locally within your LAN or to create your own broadcast via the internet. Its easy to setup your own home IPTV streaming server.
1. If your internet service provider does not give you a static IP address, configure dynamic DNS on your cable modem. www.dyndns.com is a good means to ensure your home server can be reached via the same domain name even if your service provider periodically updates your dynamic IP address.
2. Modify the AVC Streamer configuration line avcliveport and set it to a TCP port other than the default AVC Streamer web page port (8080). For eg. use 55004. This will ensure that the AVC Streamer UI will not be available via the internet.
3. Modify the AVC Streamer configuration line avclivepassword and set it to a password of your choice.
4. Open a TCP port on your cable modem to allow external connections to the configured avcliveport
5. You will now be able to view your IPTV broadcast from anywhere. You can use a client such as VLC to view your live broadcast by using the URL: [your domain name]:55004/avclive?pass=[your password]
6. To view your broadcast from a mobile device compatible with HTTP Live Streaming use the URL: [your domain name]:55004/httplive?pass=[your password]

AVC Streamer Features:
1. Stream videos:
Stream videos from your media server across your home network or the internet. Use the remote interface to play, pause, rewind, and skip forward streaming video as if controlling a local media player . Seamlessly switch between live and recorded programming and playlists.
2. Stream live TV:
Connect to your set-top box or capture device and stream and record live TV. View your TV content from anywhere through the internet.
3. Record live content:
Use AVC Streamer as a PVR to record live TV programming. Use it on your mac with built in firewire support to record any shows directly from your cable box. Stream your recordings to anywhere, rewind, pause, and skip past commercials.
4. Manage your digital media library remotely:
Access your digital library through a single interface. Visually browse all your videos via thumbnails and dynamic auto-generated previews.

The AVC Streamer command line interface allows you to do much more than what is available through the remote User Interface. To get the full list of options, from any terminal or command line shell.

AVC Streamer runs as a server with the primary purpose to listen for client requests to control media streaming. In the background it also maintains a database of thumbnails of your video library. You can control the media library properties by editing the AVCStreamer configuration.

AVC Streamer comes bundled with a utility called avcconvert to convert virtually any video to H.264 encoding. H.264 is considered the industry compression standard for achieving maximum quality at the lowest bitrates. The avcconvert utility is currently available under Mac and Linux.

Please Note: AVC Streamer is available for free for personal use only.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this server utility software.

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