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Recording and reporting software defects. For QA, Helpdesk, and Tech-Support. An application that can monitor every aspect of a human-computer interaction. vLog acts is a useful program that acts like a black-box in an airplane and can also records the user-actions on dialogs of specific applications, and monitors many other applications and systems resources.
Based on its recording and preconfigured data, vLog can create visual and comprehensive report and send it to the developer.
vLog report can be attach to a bug-report in any reporting tool.
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vLog Features:
* vLog consumes minimal computer resources.
* vLog utilizes very little disk space.
* vLog makes bug reporting very simple.
* vLog reports include a lot of extra important information.
* Visual data can be password protected.
* vLog includes postmortem (crash) log file.

vLog is used to track and report defects in applications. It works in the background (an icon in the system-tray), and it is unnoticeable. vLog opens a list of lines that describe user actions (left-click, keyboard, drag-drop...). You simply click on a line and the corresponding dialog is displayed. vLog helps the QA technicians and Beta sites users to track and report defects in applications that are being tested. It enables them to create a visual description of every defect that they find in the application which is sent directly to the application's developer (technical-support). It is FAST, EASY, ACCURATE and UNDERSTANDABLE.

Why is vLog better than other recording tools?
The main advantages that vLog has over other applications that capture the screens and create movie clips are:
1. vLog displays not only the users actions (GUI) but also, a lot more information, such as computer resources, log files, configuration data, HTTP messages, Objects,...This information is displayed synchronized with the user actions.

2. High security and privacy levels are obtained, because only actions on the defined applications are recorded, and because the recordings and the reports can be password protected.

3. vLog uses very little CPU and disk space because only the dialogs of defined applications are recorded.
4. Only the differences between dialogs are recorded.
5. If a recorded dialog undergoes a change, the whole dialog is not recorded, further saving computer resources.
6. Ease of use.
Novice user does not need to learn how to configure vLog (it is done centrally) and to cut the report from the recordings. All the user needs to do to report a software defect, is to click Ctrl-Ins, type a short title and click OK. vLog will automatically cut the last part of the recording, attach all the preconfigured "extra -information", and send the report (via different channels) to a pre-configured destination.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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