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  • Date: Jun 12, 2010
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uncropMKV Download
Free Download uncropMKV 1.55

uncropMKV is for those of you, who want to: put up to 252 different files (MPEG2, Quicktime MOV, MKV/AVC, AVI/AVC, M2TS/MTS, TS, TRP, M2V, VC1, 264, MP4, MPLS, IFO, etc.) or AVCHD / Blu-ray / DVD / VIDEO_TS folders in one place and navigate all these via nice 1080p top menu:

Get your MKV to AVCHD / BD compliant resolutions. The uncropMKV application was designed to be a small tool tool that can help you recrop / resize your MKVs so you can make a compliant Blu-ray / AVCHD(using for example tsmuxer or multiAVCHD) or just shrink your MKVs or MP4s.

multiAVCHD can create output for:
* USB / MS (MemoryStick) / SD / SDHC equipped Blu-ray disc players (like Playstation 3)
* Blu-ray players employing Secure Digital High Capacity capabilities - SD/SDHC cards (like Panasonic Blu-ray players, Playstation 3, selected Panasonic Viera TV sets)
* Blu-ray players, compatible with AVCHD format (AVCHD written on DVD-R media) - most Blu-ray players
* Blu-ray players, compatible with AVCHD on BD-R disc - most Blu-ray players
* Direct BDMV format - Blu-ray Disc format - all Blu-ray players
* HD-DVD players, compatible with DVD-R (3xDVD)

uncropMKV allows you to do:
- various resizing and uncropping and pre-cropping
- framerate change, frame reference count change, bframes setting
- sharpen/blur, h.264 level change, etc...
- select / deselect streams that will be used/removed in the final -uncropped.mkv.
- Max value for ref. frames is automatically calculated according to output resolution. You can safely use the largest number.
- Uncropped resolution is automatically calculated and selected
- Bitrate is automatically set to the original bitrate from your input file
- The program works in 16:9 aspect ratio mode and uses square pixel (SAR 1:1), but...
- Predefined re-size options allow creating anamorphic videos, for original videos with widths of 1920, 1440 or 1280 pixels.
- Be advised that your final video will have the resolution set in uncrop dropdown box UNLESS resize and uncrop are in conflict.

* AviSynth
* DirectShow decoder - ffdshow
* DirectShow splitter - Haali

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video converter software.

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