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  • Date: Feb 21, 2010
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touch type keyboard (ttkb) is an on-screen keyboard that helps learning how to touch type. The keys are highlighted according to the fingers which press them. The user should not by any chance look on the real keyboard. Tutorials are included to get started with touch typing. Touch typing made easy.

The idea is that the user should not by any chance look on his fingers on the keyboard. Instead, as long as being unsure, he can use the on-screen keyboard to remember which finger to use for which key.

touch type keyboard (ttkb) Features:
1. Display on-screen keyboard permanently in the foreground.
2. Scale keyboard to various sizes to take up less space on the screen.
3. Use HotKey to scale keyboard (default: AltGr-s).
4. Move keyboard out of way by simply clicking and dragging it.
5. Use HotKeys to move keyboard (AltGr-Cursor).
6. Hide keyboard any time by double clicking on it.
7. Use HotKey to hide/show keyboard (default: AltGr-k).
8. Highlight pressed keys.
9. Choose colors and other settings from options dialog.
10. Choose different keyboard layouts or create your own.
11. Currently included keyboard layouts:
12. English Standard
13. English Dvorak
14. German Standard
15. English Dvorak mapped on German keyboard
16. Get started with touch typing by working out the included basic tutorials.
17. Use statistics to measure your typing development.
18. Install from zip file or with executable installer.
19. Currently available with English and German interface language.
20. Start learning touch typing with included tutorials.

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this mouse & keyboard software.

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