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tlDatabase is a software application for creating (XML-like) structured databases, and allowing them to be edited by end users a user-friendly way, i.e. the end-users do not need to work "in XML" in order to edit the database. (Setting up a database, however, may require some assistance from a user with more advanced technical abilities. TshwaneDJe can also provide type kind of assistance.)

tlDatabase is fully internationalized; thus all fields will accept Unicode characters (i.e. characters from any language). If you have problems displaying characters from a particular language, this is usually just a configuration problem (e.g. choosing the correct font).

tlDatabase was initially conceived as a "spin-off" from TLex, an industry-leading software environment for compiling dictionaries, used by many major publishers worldwide. Thus many examples in this User Guide stem from the world of dictionaries.

tlDatabase Features:
1. Easy-to-use data editing software
2. Get up and running quickly with templates
3. Customisable: Create any kind of structured data
4. Advanced Styles system
5. Multi-user system with privileges
6. Fully internationalized (full Unicode support)
7. Integrated scripting [Advanced]
8. Sophisticated Search System
9. Advanced Document Statistics
10. XML-based
11. User-friendly: Allow users to edit structured data without them having to 'get their hands dirty' with XML

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $61.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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