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pgAdmin is a comprehensive administration interface for the PostgreSQL database. It was designed to answer all needs of users, from learning SQL to developing complex databases.
The application connects to the database using native drivers. It is developed and supported by a large community of developers and is available in more than 30 languages.

1. Microsoft Windows 2000 and above
2. Linux
3. FreeBSD
4. Mac OSX
5. Solaris

Designed for multiple PostgreSQL versions and derivatives
1. PostgreSQL 7.3 and above
2. Postgres Plus Advanced Server
3. Greenplum Database

Extensive documentation
1. pgAdmin Documentation
2. Guru Hints to help less experienced users
3. PostgreSQL documentation (on-line and off-line)
4. Slony-I documentation

Multilingual interface
* Over a dozen supported translations and over 25 partial translations. A detailed list of supported languages is available on the translation status page.

Data access
1. Native PostgreSQL acccess (no ODBC layer needed)
2. Powerful query tool with colour syntax highlighting
3. Very fast datagrid for display/entry of data

Routine maintenance
1. Configuration file editing
2. Auto-vacuum management (PostgreSQL 8.1 and above)
3. Logfile browser
4. Lock viewer
5. Server status/process viewer
6. SQL/shell/batch job scheduling agent

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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