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oViT is a windows desktop GUI for the TiVo File Decoder utility. A window's front end for the TiVo File Decoder utility that helps convert .tivo files into .mpeg2 files.
With oViT running, download a .tivo file from TiVoToGo, Galleon, or any other TiVo network utility, and it will automatically be converted into a standard .mpeg2 file.

The first time you use oViT, go to the Settings tab and select the folder to monitor where your TivoToGo, Galleon, etc., will download and store the .TIVO files. This is the source .TIVO files that will be converted to mpeg2.

Next, enter your TiVo's MAK, the location where the MPEG2 file will be output to and the location of the tivodecode.exe file (App Loc), which can be found at tivodecode.sourceforge.net/

Finally, if you want oViT to start processing any .tivo files that have not already been processed on startup check the box "Process any matching files on startup". To start automatically monitoring the source location on start up check the box "Start monitoring on Startup". And to remove processed .tivo files post-processing check the box "Remove file when processing complete".

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this video converter software.

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